Ways to Lose Weight: Some Fun, Some Freaky

The hardest part about trying to lose those extra pounds is not the actual process of dieting or exercising, but the bombardment of suggestions and opinions that you get from friends and family. At one point we end up doing a little bit of everything just to please our counselors.

losing-weightThen there are those people who get frustrated just after a couple of weeks of dieting and see no change in the reading of their weighing scale. Losing weight and achieving a well shaped body not only takes time but patience.

In contemporary world it might be easy to search the internet on the ways to lose weight, (where you will be flooded with way too many options) here we shall see some of the ways attempted by people to lose their flab.

Think That You Are Full

Sounds easy, but take a lot of practice, but effective nonetheless. This is how it works: whenever you feel the urge to gorge on some goodies just try to think what you had for your meal; this releases signals from your brain and you would actually say NO to the snack on hand. A research conducted at the University of Birmingham proved the efficacy of this method.

The Popcorn Diet

Gorge on popcorns. Your body gets the necessary whole grains and fibers. But try to avoid salted and buttered popcorns.

The Tube Diet

This one is weird, but effective and hence followed by many contemporary dieters. A feeding tube is connected to the tummy via the nose and a small pump forces a special liquid filled with protein and fat. This method provides the necessary calories for the body to survive and helps avoid any solid food.

Fish Diet

Salmon and shrimp are the two fish that are effective in diet. Excess intake of fish burns the fat and delivers the body with essential nutrients.

Body Wraps

This has been demonstrated on live T.V. A woman wrapped herself in elastic bandage all across her body for 45 minutes. To promote circulation of blood she had to be in motion. After 45 minutes when her bandage was unwrapped she had lost considerable amount of her flab. Whether she had lost it or squeezed it is not clear and has not been verified.


This method is on the list because it has been advised by a celebrity dietitian. However this method comes with a strict warning: Never Overdo It

The Sunglasses Method

Always wear a tinted sunglass when in front of your food. This will make the food less appealing even if the aroma is great.

Smile And Laugh

Yes you read that right, smile! Easing off stress could have been used here, but a smile not only relieves stress but it also uses up calories.

Soap For Weight Loss

It is said that this soap has seaweed as its ingredient and permeates beneath the skin to breakdown the fat which you can later just scrub off. Its validity is yet to be proved.


If you love dancing then this might do the trick for you, as dancing is another form of exercising.


Just the act of kissing burns 26 calories, so one can presume how many more calories are burnt if kissing leads to coitus (sex burns an average 150 calories). As per research a person can lose up to 3 pounds a year with 6-8 sessions of coitus. I guess this is sure going to tempt a lot to people to lose weight.