Generic Zyrtec – For Treating Allergic Symptoms

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Generic Zyrtec is an effective and safe oral medicine for treating allergies like allergic rhinitis and chronic urticaria (nettle rash). Pharmacologically, this medicament is determined as an antihistamine that helps in reducing allergic symptoms, such as frequent sneezing, nasal congestion, post-nasal discharge, redness of eyes with itching and watering, and skin rashes characterized by itching and burning. However, Generic Zyrtec can be used for other purposes that are not listed here. This antihistamine is categorized under the list of essential medications needed for basic health issues by the World Health Organization (WHO). In addition, it is an over-the-counter drug; hence, it is easily available.


The active ingredient present in Generic Zyrtec is Cetirizine hydrochloride, a selective histamine H1-recpetor antagonist. Cetirizine is known to inhibit the peripheral histamine H1 receptors. In an allergic reaction, the body’s weak or oversensitive immune system reacts with an allergen. During this reaction, the body spontaneously releases histamine, a natural chemical that is responsible for inflammation and irritation of the parts, leading to allergic symptoms.

After oral administration of Generic Zyrtec tablet that contains Cetirizine hydrochloride, the H1 receptors are suppressed in order to stop the production of histamine. Once the body stops releasing this chemical, the allergic response and inflammation decreases significantly, thereby reducing the symptoms of allergic rhinitis and urticarial rashes. This is how Generic Zyrtec help one get rid of allergies.


  • Use Generic Zyrtec exactly as directed by the medical practitioner or follow the instructions given on medicinal label
  • The dosage for adults and children above 12 years is 10 mg only once in a day
  • For pediatric dose, you should consult the medical professional
  • You can take this tablet with or without meal
  • Take the tablet wholly without crushing or chewing it, as doing so may greatly reduce the effectiveness of the drug
  • In case if you missed or skipped dose, take it as soon as your recollect, but do not consume two pills at a single time
  • Keep this medicine out of the reach of the children
  • Store Generic Zyrtec tablets at room temperature and away from direct heat or sunlight


  • Before using Generic Zyrtec, inform your doctor about any medicinal allergy and if you are sensitive to Cetirizine, do not use this generic medicine
  • Discuss with your doctor whether this medicine is safe or not if you have any chronic medical illness
  • If you are under any treatment with other drugs, herbal or multivitamin supplements, consult your doctor beforehand, because certain drugs are meant to interact adversely with Cetirizine-based medicaments
  • Special care should be taken during pregnancy; talk with the doctor about the usage of this antihistamine during pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Generic Zyrtec tablet may impair your normal process of thinking and reactions; hence, stay away from driving, riding, etc. after taking the dose
  • Avoid alcohol during the therapy as it can produce more dizziness
  • If you are taking medications like painkiller, sedatives, muscle relaxants or antihistamines, inform your doctor, as these drugs may produce unwanted symptoms if taken with Generic Zyrtec
  • You may experience nausea, headache, constipation, dry mouth, fatigue and drowsiness during the treatment; they often subside after some time
  • This antihistamine is contraindicated in people who are having severe liver or kidney dysfunction.

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