Treat Alcoholism & Opioid Use Disorders With Acamptas 333mg

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Acamptas works to overcome alcohol dependency. The basic mechanism is to stop alcohol crang in people who have suddenly stop the consumption of alcohol. Acamprosate is the active constituent in this pill, which is a type of calcium, odorless, and appears white. Acamptas is water-soluble and stays disintegrated in absolute ethanol and dichloromethane. However, Acamptas do not show any withdrawal symptoms while taking it regularly. You could take Acamptas dosage after your meal. This drug only works when you completely stopped alcohol consumption. Take the dosage daily for better results, avoid sipping or missing the dosage. Also, do not stop taking this medicine abruptly without informing your health expert.


Studies suggest that addiction occurs due to an imbalance in the brain chemicals that result in an elevated craving for alcohol or drugs. So the chemical imbalance stimulates the dependency. Acamprosate is the active constituent that antagonizes the neurotransmitter receptor called glutaminergic N-methyl-D-aspartate. Additionally, it triggers the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A receptors. The complete mechanism Acamptas drug helps to control the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. This potent drug is not processed in the liver; thus, people with liver disorders may take Acamptas medicine.


  • Follow your doctor’s advice; while taking Acamptas tablets. After buying the pills, read the instruction manual carefully to know more about taking this with utmost safety and precautions. If you have doubts regarding the dosage, ask your doctor right away.
  • Swallow the pill orally. One can take Acamptas drug after or before the meal. Your doctor may advise you to take Acamptas pill thrice.
  • The dosage of Acamptas relies upon the individual’s health status and his response to this medicine. Therefore, it is necessary to take this medicine under medical supervision.
  • Do not take this medicine on your own. Also, take this medicine as long as prescribed. Do not increase or decrease the dosage; it can be dangerous.
  • Pregnant women must take this drug if needed. Take Acamptas pill under medical supervision. Do not take Acamptas drug on your own if you are pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding women must avoid taking such medicines as it breaches into breast milk and may cause harm to your baby’s health.
  • Do not consume alcohol if you are taking Acamptas drug.


  • Before you start taking Acamptas medicine, tell your doctor if you are allergic to any drug. You must also mention if you are allergic to any active or inactive ingredients present in this drug.
  • Discuss your complete medical history with your physician before you commence Acamptas dosage. If you have a kidney disorder, you must tell your doctor right away. However, report to your expert if you have any disease associated with the vital organ kidney, liver, brain, and heart.
  • Avoid changing the dosage of Acamptas. Always take the advised dosage, do not change the prescribed dosage. Avoid getting overdose on Acamptus.
  • In case if you are taking other medicines such as prescription-based or OTC medicines, inform your doctor before taking Acamptas drug.
  • After taking Acamptas dose, you will experience drowsiness; therefore, do not perform any tasks that need mental consciousness.
  • Men with severe liver and kidney diseases must take Acamptas drug under medical supervision. Such people should not take this drug on their own.

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by Pierre Watkins, Wyoming, United States on Acamptas

I was an alcohol addict, and I wanted to quit for a long time, but I couldn’t control the craving. My doctor advised me to Acamptas pills, and after completing the treatment. I am don not drink anymore.