Malegra FXT – A Bright Ray Of Hope For Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation

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Malegra FXT is a proven cure for male impotency and early ejaculation. This drug is highly sought out by men who believe that they have ‘performance’ issues or are not able to rise to the occasion when they are sexually stimulated. There have been cases of men who only suffer from one male reproductive issue but still prefer taking this generic drug as it is believed to improve their overall performance. Early release of semen is not only a cause of embarrassment for the man but also tends irk his partner. The action of Malegra FXT ensures that this does not happen as sildenafil citrate gets the penile organ erect and Duloxetine helps to keep it that way and also delay the climax for a significant amount of time. This potency enhancing drug is available in various doses with the most common dose is 100mg, to be popped an hour before any sexual intimacy.


Malegra FXT is a reliable treatment for ED and untimely release of semen during sexual act. It contains a combination of penile hardness enhancing Sildenafil Citrate and ejaculation delaying Duloxetine. Together these components help men get hard and stay hard and active during the act for a longer time.


A single dose of Malegra FXT should be taken in a day. Though it can be consumed with any beverage, having this with a glass of plain water will also do. It should not be taken with a hard drink or fruit juices as they undermine the effect of this medication. It reaches the blood stream within 30 minutes of reaching the stomach and remains active in circulation for hours. So, men can have sexual intercourses multiple numbers of times within this time span. Physicians generally prescribe a low dose of 25 mg and recommend an increase to 100 mg over a period of time.


Malegra FXT 100 mg is one of the safest drugs that can be consumed for treatment of male reproductive diseases comprising of ED and premature ejaculation. This pill should never be bought as an over the counter but needs to be taken only after a prescription from a qualified physician. Malegra FXT is not recommended for men who have cardiovascular or nerve disorders. Also, the physician needs to be informed if the man is already under some form of medication. Some have reported cases of nausea, dizziness, blurred vision and increased heart beats. In such cases, the patient can request the dose to be decreases and if the side-effects continue, they must discontinue the use of this drug.

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by Barry Gnomes on Malegra FXT
Satisfied with results

I am regular visitor at Medstorerx for Malegra FXT and I must say, you guys do a great job with your service.

by Craig Evan on Malegra FXT

I have been popping Malegra FXT for the longest time and it has done wonders to my love life, not mention my confidence. MedstoreRx, please keep the prices same. There are thousands like me relying on you guys.

by Jack Storel on Malegra FXT

I was having bad time on bed and thanks to Malegra FXT, It has not only made me feel younger but revived my marriage. I love Malegra FXT.