Smartphone can lose your weight

Smartphone can lose your weight

How can a Smartphone help you shed those extra pounds that you have gained? Smartphones have become a necessity in people’s lives. Everything from organizing tasks to jotting down notes and even simple functions like mathematical calculators and alarms are done by the smartphone. Productivity, like creating a presentation or writing an article which was once subject to just desktops can now be done in the palm of your hand. Gaming, a once elaborate setup of cables and controllers now just needs your touch, thanks to the smartphone in your pocket. No one can even think of a life without their smart device.

One should not forget about Social networking that has become one of the most important things in people’s lives. These devices help them to be connected with the whole world. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr are some of the apps which are widely used on the smartphone. While these are some of the categories that have found their mark in a person’s life, there is one category which is starting to find prominence in the daily lives of many people; these are health apps or more so applications that help you to lose weight.

In today’s world where life has become a rat race, people hardly get time to focus on their health and weight and these apps help them a lot to lose their weight and stay in shape. The Internet is also flooded with websites and articles on weight loss, diet tips and exercises and these all can be easily accessed via your smartphone.

Here are some of the ways in which your smartphone can become your personal health advisor.

How can social media be helpful

How can social media be helpful?

As everyone knows, social media is the window to the world, one that connects a lot of lives together irrespective of their distance. Simply put, while your Facebook page and Twitter handle may be used to see posts and tweets from friends or from your favorite stars, there are various pages and communities wherein you will encounter people who are health conscious and want to lose their weight.

These communities provide the moral support and motivation that is helpful to many people who want to lose their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Twitter’s advanced search can also be used to find people who are tweeting on topics such as weight loss, healthy eating or nutrition in your state or city. Some of the Facebook-oholic people will find it easy to find information as they can setup filters so the focus is on posts from friends who encourage healthy eating and give exercising tips.

Also a lot of nutritionists and physicians can also be found on social networking sites who regularly post articles and blogs about healthy living and eating that may help you a lot in losing your weight.

Weight Loss Apps

Weight Loss Apps

The digital marketplace is flooded with freemium and premium apps for health and weight loss and as stated above these apps are getting popular with a lot of health conscious people. Calorie and BMI calculators are available which let you calculate your ideal weight. Apart from that there are applications available that help you choose foods that are necessary for a healthy diet and also apps that provide you with recipes of healthy foods.

There are some apps that can also scan the bar code that is present on your food package and measure how many calories that particular product contains.

In addition 2013 saw the advent of ‘wearable tech’ like smart watches which encourages the use of smartphones by adding apps which measure the steps taken, calories burnt and sleeping patterns which helps you to have healthy lifestyle and aids in reducing your weight.

The Smartphone

The Smartphone

According to a research by the International Journal of Medical Informatics, using your smartphone will also help in losing weight. People who are active users of their phone for any activities such as checking e-mail, social networking, gaming etc are said to be more engaged than those who conduct these activities on their desktop or laptop, thus they reduce more pounds.

It is a world-known fact that losing weight is a difficult thing to accomplish and that there are no short-cuts to the process, but the smartphone makes it a fun activity to do and with social integration support it also provides the motivation that may be required to take the first step needed for a better healthy life.