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Tadaga 40/60mg is a generic copy of the branded drug Cialis. Tadaga 40/60mg contains Tadalafil 40/60mg as the active constituent. It is available at cheaper rate as compared to its branded version, and thus can be afforded by everyone. It is available in the form of almond-shaped, yellow-colored oral tablets. Note that this is not an aphrodisiac and thus will not enhance sexual desire in men. It acts by supplying a sufficient amount of blood to the penile organ for a successful penile erection.

The PDE-5 enzyme is present in copious amounts inside the penile region. This enzyme metabolizes cGMP inside the penile region. The active constituent, Tadalafil present in Tadaga 40/60mg averts the action of PDE-5 enzyme. This boosts the levels of cGMP inside the penile region, which helps in dilation of the blood vessels and relaxation of smooth muscles. The dilated blood vessels supply an adequate amount of blood to the penile organ for obtaining and maintaining a firm erection.


Tadalafil, the active constituent of Tadaga 40/60mg was approved by the FDA in 2003. It is more powerful than Sildenafil citrate, a Tadalafil 10mg is equal to Sildenafil citrate 50mg. Tadalafil is a member of class of drugs known as ‘PDE-5 inhibitors’. It is available for sale various doses such as 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg, and 20mg. Tadalis and Apcalis are the other generic forms of Tadalafil.

Apart from erectile dysfunction, this medication is also used in the treatment of pulmonary hypertension and benign prostate hyperplasia. The action of Tadalafil begins in 20 minutes, while its effect lasts for about 36 hours. Among all medicines useful for treating erectile dysfunction, Tadalafil is the longest acting drug. Take appropriate measures while engaging in sexual intercourse, as this medication is not effective against sexually transmitted diseases.


  • Consult your physician before you consume this medicine. If you have any questions regarding the usage of Tadaga 40/60mg, ask your physician or pharmacist.
  • Tadaga 40/60mg can be taken orally, with or without food or as per instructions of your physician.
  • In order to avoid improper doses reaching your body, avoid crushing, chewing or breaking these oral tablets.
  • Take this medication at least half an hour before coitus.
  • Take this medication only as and when required. Do not consume more than once in 24 hours.
  • Inform your physician about history of allergy to active or inactive components of Tadaga 40/60mg, if any
  • Store this medication away from children. Protect it from excessive heat, sunlight, and moisture.


  • Do not consume alcohol, fatty food and grapefruit products while taking Tadaga 40/60mg as it is likely to delay the absorption of the active components.
  • This medication is not safe for use in men who have suffered a heart attack, stroke, and heart failure in last six months, kidney dysfunction, liver diseases, high or low blood pressure, eye issues, bleeding disorders, and priapism.
  • This medication is not suggested for use in females and men below 18 years of age.
  • Simultaneous use of Tadaga 40/60mg and medicines such as amlodipine, nitroglycerine, erythromycin, ketoconazole, and ritonavir, etc. is not safe as it may lead to unpleasant effects.
  • This medication can affect your vision and make you drowsy, so avoid indulging in any activity such as driving or operating machinery after consuming Tadaga 40/60mg.
  • The most commonly seen side effects of this medication include headache, stomach upset, nasal congestion, flushing, and giddiness. These side effects are not permanent and they disappear after the treatment is stopped. Contact your doctor right away if any of these effects exacerbate or continue for a long time.
  • Serious side effects such as chest pain, severe drowsiness, and fainting, etc. are generally not seen with this medication. In case you observe any of these side effects, contact your healthcare provider instantaneously.

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by Ray Hulett on Tadaga

I was not able to attain a firm penile erection. Tadaga 40/60mg improved my condition. It is an erectile dysfunction medication with a long duration of action of 36 hours. I purchased it at reasonable rates at MedStoreRx, a reputed online pharmacy selling medicines for treating erectile dysfunction all over the world. Thanks, MedStoreRx for proving quality medicines at cheaper rates.