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Kamagra Polo is a drug invented to treat male impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) to help them perk up their love lives. The medicine comes in a chewable form. Despite of being the generic version of Viagra, efficacy is still the same. The medication within minutes after absorption starts to begin its function. Kamagra Polo tablets after reaching the bloodstream travels to the penile arteries and inhibits the activity of PDE-5, thus improving the flow of blood towards the penile organ helping it to erect firmly for a longer time.


The primary ingredient in Kamagra Polo is Sildenafil Citrate, which is a proven ingredient to deal with erection issues. This main component suppresses the activity of the PDE5 enzyme and elevates the levels of the NO and cGMP. This, in turn, widens the arteries and relaxes the penile muscles, which leads to an increase in blood flow towards the male phallus causing an erection for longer time. The effect of this drug can be experienced for four to five hours.


Kamagra Polo requires some time to come into effect and the man ought to be aroused sexually to receive optimum benefits of the drug. However, you need to take the drug an hour prior to commencing any sexual activity. The effects can stay up to a couple of hours post consuming to allow you enjoy the pleasures. Never take multiple doses of Kamagra Polo in a day, as it might trigger some serious side effects.


Consume kamagra polo pills only after seeking medical approval. If you are allergic to Sildenafil Citrate or any other ingredient of this medicine, then take do not consume.
• It is mandatory to tell your doctor in advance, in case you are under any medicine or treatment to avoid further damage to health.
• Avoid if you are hypersensitive to sildenafil citrate or any other medication.
• Do not perform any risky or outdoor activities that require attention such as driving/riding or handling any machinery, as the dose causes sleepiness and dizziness.
• Alcohol consumption before or after consuming kamagra polo is strictly prohibited, as it can result in severe health complications.
• Also, avoid heavy and fatty food during the dosage, at it reduces drug absorption and its effect.
• Those who are having kidney, liver, heart disease, or blood pressure should stay away from its consumption.
• The medication is strictly meant to be used by men above the age of 18 years.
• Women and children should not be exposed to this medication.
• Few men can experience mild to moderate side effects of kamagra polo, such as diarrhea, stomach upset, headache, vision impairment, nausea, etc. these side effects fade in few hours. But, if you experience the side effects for prolong period of time, then go for medical care on an immediate basis.

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