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Penegra assures to help men combat with the distressing problem of erectile dysfunction (ED) thus, helping them to please their partners. The pill ensures smooth flow of blood towards the penile area of a man thereby, allowing him to attain harder erections. The effects of Penegra 100mg stay for around four to five hours allowing the men to indulge in some satisfactory lovemaking sessions.


The vital component of Penegra is Sildenafil Citrate, which is an FDA approved drug. It obstructs the enzyme PDE5 and augments the blood flow towards the male reproductive organs. Due to this process, a man gets a stiffer penile erection for longer time.


You ought to take Penegra an hour prior to commencing the intercourse. Take the pill with water for quick absorption in your bloodstream. The recommended dosage for Penegra is 100 mg. Do not exceed the dose on your own. Instead, consult your physician for proper advice.


Avoid overdose or self-medication of Penegra, as it may cause serious health issues. In case of accidental overdose, seek medical attention on an immediate basis. Ask your doctor for a change in dosage strength. It is mandatory to inform your physician regarding any underlying health concern to avoid any further issues. Abstain from alcohol, as its consumption before or after the dose may hinder the drug effect and in some cases cause certain side effects. Additionally, stay away from the fatty meal, as it decreases the drug effect.
Do not conjugate penegra 100mg with any other drug that include another PDE5 inhibitor, OTC drug, herbal medication, supplement, or medicine for any health issue. This will prevent drug interaction and its adverse effects. Never combine this penegra pills with nitrates and alpha-blockers, as it leads to serious health complications. This medication is safe, however, it can trigger certain mild to moderate side effects. The side effects may disappear within few hours. In case of any severe side effect, visit your health care provider immediately to get medical treatment. The following list mentions some mild side effects:

  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Nausea

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by Jacky Gwyneth, Tampa on Penegra

One of my friends suggested me to have Penegra tablets and I went for it with a bit hesitation, but it worked and worked wonders for me! Very good, recommended.

by Russell Edwards, Milwaukee on Penegra

Penegra 100mg came as a boon to me, as now I can play for the entire night and doesn't have to face any embarrassment either.

by Donny Wale, San Jose on Penegra

I am new to penegra pills and it turned out to be the way I expect. Ordering from MedstoreRx has its own reward, as you fetch good discounts.