Omnacortil 10, 20, 30, 40, 60mg Doses For Seasonal Allergy

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Omnacortil is a type of corticosteroid. This tablet is actively composed of Prednisolone. Its potent mechanism works to control inflammation and swelling that occurs in different health issues, such as allergies, asthma, rheumatic disorders, and skin and eye disorders. Omnacortil drug is also advised to patients with arthritis for controlling inflammation. This medicine acts to inhibit the secretion of the chemical messengers in the body that causes inflammation. Omnacortil pills must be taken after having a meal to prevent gastrointestinal issues. The dose of Omnacortil also depends on how well Omnacortil tablet will work for you. To get effective results, take Omnacortil pill regularly.


Omnacortil belongs to the category of medicines called corticosteroids. This drug contains a potent active constituent called Prednisolone. This drug efficiently works to control a higher and intense immune reaction triggered due to a non-harmful allergen. Omnacortil drug works to control the inflammatory genes that get activated for protecting your body from allergen. Omnacortil drug helps to control inflammation and palliate allergic symptoms. Take this drug as directed by your physician to treat inflammation.


  • Take Omnacortil tablets by mouth. Take with a glass of milk rather than taking it with a glass of water to avoid stomach burn.
  • Follow the recommended dosage; however, you can also read the instructions on the leaflet to know about the dosage. Avoid increasing or decreasing the dose.
  • The standard dosage of Omnacortil for you is subject to your health condition and your response to Omnacortil tablet.
  • Your physician may advise you to take Omnacortil pill once or four times a day if the case is extreme. Thus, you need to take this medicine after under medical supervision. To get faster results, take Omnacortil pill nearly the same time daily.
  • If you are on treatment for any other medicines, you need to inform your physician before you use Omnacortil pills for treating allergic reactions.
  • Pregnant women must avoid taking Omnacortil pills. If you are pregnant, discuss the risks and benefits with your health expert before taking Omnacortil tablets.
  • This drug passes in the breast milk; therefore, avoid taking Omnacortil if you are lactating. It can be harmful to your baby's wellbeing.


  • Before you initiate taking Omnacortil pills, report to you is health professional if you are allergic to any active drugs present in this tablet. If you are allergic to different corticosteroid medicines, tell your physician.
  • Tell your doctor regarding your medical history if you have any health problems such as heart disorders, eye disorders, fungal infections, etc.
  • This medicine may reduce your tolerance to physical stress. Thus, tell your physician if you are taking Omnacortil drug for a long time.
  • If you need to undergo medical surgery, you must inform your physician that you are taking this drug.
  • Avoid contact with people who are suffering from any contagious disease such as chickenpox or flu because Omnacortil drug decreases your immune system.
  • Omnacortil may also reduce the growth rate in children if they are taking Omnacortil or other corticosteroid drugs.
  • If you are taking Omnacortil tablets, do not consume any alcoholic beverages.
  • Once you take Omnacortil pills, do not perform tasks that need mental alertness, such as using a heavy or sharp machine or driving. You may feel very drowsy after taking Omnacortil pills.
  • Do not take any vaccine, if you are taking Omnacortil pills as you will be having lowered immunity as there will not be any effect of the vaccine.
  • Older people are more prone to the side effects of Omnacortil pills, such as bone density loss, stomach pain, and confusion.

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by Tobias Williams, Virginia, United States on Omnacortil

I have allergic asthma. My symptoms get triggered by pollen and dust, but Omnacortil pills work very well to prevent my asthma attacks. I got these pills at a decent price from MedStoreRX.