To Shed Pounds You Ought to Pay Attention to Your Physique

Shedding off those extra pounds seems to be the new fad that’s taken the world by storm, as regards health and fitness of people. Everybody wants to have attractive and drool-worthy bodies. While males want rippling muscles and toned torsos as their bodies, females want voluptuous bodies with impossible curves or downright size-zero figures.


Whatever desires people may harbor, which is an extremely good thing to have, the way in which they go about fulfilling these desires is increasingly worrisome.

Most of the weight loss processes that people are adopting these days are done so with an aim of deriving instant results. Patience really seems to be a virtue in this context, as it’s something that’s really as rare as hen’s teeth. With time being the only constraint, trainers, dieticians, and fitness experts too have joined this crazy bandwagon by encouraging special diets that cut out fats and carbohydrates from a person’s daily intake. While a person may benefit in the short run by following such diets, the long term benefits of these ‘ultra-light’ diets can’t be envisaged, because there just don’t seem to be any.

Our body thrives on food, water, and air. We all share water and air, and mostly consume them in their most natural forms. Our food, however, can differ depending on factors such as taste, choice, availability, etc. What this essentially means is that we eat different kinds of foods each day, from which we derive many different kinds of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. Right since childhood, a person’s body would’ve derived the aforementioned nutrients and created a special reserve of them. However, when this person decides to cut off the body’s fix of certain nutrient(s) some years down the line, the body starts to cling on to those particular nutrients, which is how a person’s health and physique start to give in.

Our bodies are built in such a manner that they require all kinds of nutrients to sustain a healthy lifestyle amid all kinds of environmental conditions. Depriving the body of any essential nutrients will definitely have its consequences. What’s more, the body will start to hoard the particular nutrient that’s been avoided. For instance, people cut down on fats really easily during a weight loss regime. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the biggest blunder they make during the process, as once they shut off fats from their diets, the body desperately tries to hang on to every last ounce of it that’s present.

Since the body is deprived of fats, it makes it a point to maximize on the fats already stored in the body. This is what gives rise to what is known as ‘stubborn fat’. It is actually the body’s way of defiance to fat deprivation and a sort of reluctance to give up fats. Losing weight in such a scenario becomes extremely difficult. People who often complain that losing weight is never easy for them probably should look into whether they’ve deprived their bodies of fat. If this act of the body is interpreted in another way, it appears that the body uses fat to lose fat. So supplying a steady stream of fats is necessary for the body, even if a person’s aim is to lose weight. The trick is to have patience and keep working steadily. The body will soon show results.

Hence, paying attention to one’s physique is extremely crucial to lose weight for good.