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Duratia is a potent drug that helps to treat a male sexual disorder called premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is a disorder in man that causes immediate semen ejaculation during sexual intercourse, the standard dosage of Duratia 30mg, 60mg, and 90mg. However, 30 and 60mg dosages are commonly used. Dapoxetine drug is the active constituent. It works as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) that efficaciously works to control early semen ejaculation. This medicine has is proven to be effective against PE. It has helped men to last longer in bed. Taking this drug allows a man to control ejaculation. Duratia treatment has worked for many men. It offers you the desired effect and utmost satisfaction.


Dapoxetine is the active constituent in Duratia pills, which falls in the category called SSRI medicines. This drug acts to inhibit the reuptake of a neurotransmitter known as serotonin in the central nervous system. Serotonin is a brain chemical, which is responsible for sexual arousal, pleasure, and orgasmic activity. The serotonin chemical stimulates excitement. This medicine works by elevating the serotonin neurotransmitter action at the postsynaptic cleft that leads to a delay in ejaculation. Nevertheless, the exact mechanism of this drug is yet unclear. However, several men are using this drug and are satisfied with its effect.


  • You need to take Duratia pill under medical supervision and take the recommended dosage. Avoid increasing or decreasing the dosage on your own.
  • 30mg, 60mg, and 90mg are the standard dosages of Duratia tablets. Take the advised Duratia dosage when required. Take Duratia dosage once a day; your doctor may prescribe you a more moderate dose of 30mg. However, your doctor will prescribe you a dosage after examining you properly.
  • Take Duratia dosage at least two hours before indulging in sexual activity. Therefore, plan everything before you take this pill.
  • The effect of Duratia pills lasts up to two to four hours. In this span, a man can control semen ejaculation.
  • Do not consume alcohol with Duratia drug as it will lead to severe side effects.
  • If you are taking other medicines, tell your doctors before you begin taking Duratia pill.
  • Duratia is not suitable for women and children; therefore, keep store this drug away from them. Using this medicine can be harmful to their wellbeing.


  • Tell your doctor if you are allergic to active or inactive ingredients present in Duratia pill, tell your doctor before taking this drug.
  • If the recommended dose does not work for you, immediately tell your doctor. Avoid modifying the dosage on your own.
  • The onset action of Duratia pills may slightly vary in each person. However, take Duratia dosage.
  • Tell your doctor about your detailed medical history before you begin taking Duratia dosage. You must tell your doctor if you suffer from any underlying health disorder.
  • Do not crush, break, or chew the pill. Consume the whole tablet with a glass filled with water.
  • To get the best results, take Duratia pill on an empty stomach or with a very light meal. Consuming a heavy meal before or after taking Duratia will reduce its efficacy.
  • Duratia pill may cause severe dizziness and drowsiness. Therefore, you do not perform any activity that needs complete mental alertness, such as driving or using sharp/heavy machinery.

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by Joseph Karcher, Tennessee, United States on Duratia

I am extremely happy with Duratia results. Ever since I have started taking this pill, I can sustain longer while lovemaking. I got these pills at a cost-effective price from MedStoreRx.