Control Hyperprolactinemia With Cabgolin Drug

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Cabgolin is one of the popular treatments for a condition called hyperprolactinemia. It is a health disorder thattriggers excessive prolactin hormone. Excessive production of prolactin leads to various health problems such as health issues, such as infertility, sexual health, bone loss in women, menstrual problems, and pituitary prolactinomas (tumors of the pituitary gland). Thus, taking Cabgolin tablet helps to control increases secretion of prolactin hormone. Your physician will tell you to discontinue this drug when the prolactin level is back to normal.


Cabgolin contains a dopamine agonist called Cabergoline. Medications that belong to this category show the same effect. This drug binds the dopamine receptors and increases dopamine levels because dopamine acts as a messenger that stimulates the pituitary gland to secret more prolactin. Cabgolin tablet works effectively and stops prolactin secretion. Therefore, this drug constrains the further activity of prolactin and controls the damage.


  • Consult your doctor before taking Cabgolin tablets. Avoid taking this pills on your own.
  • Your doctor may advise you to take this medicine twice daily. However, you can take this drug as recommended by your health professional.
  • Your health professional will recommend you a dosage depending on prolactin levels and your overall health. He may recommend you a lower dose of Cabgolin to prevent side effects. He will gradually enhance the dosage if required.
  • Take this medicine regularly to get the best benefits. To help you remember, mark the days when you have to take these pills.
  • Inform your doctor if you do not observe any improvement in your health.


  • Individuals allergic to any ingredients present in Cabgolin 0.5mg or other ergot medicines (such as ergotamine) should inform their doctor before. This tablet can contain certain chemicals and components that can cause allergies. Talk to your health expert about your medical history.
  • Individuals with severe health problems, such as kidney disorder, liver disorder, high blood pressure heart valve disease, abnormal thickening of organ tissue (pulmonary/pericardial/retroperitoneal fibrosis), should inform their doctor.
  • This medication can cause severe drowsiness. Thus, avoid alcohol consumption and activities that need mental consciousness. You can consult your health expert about moderate alcohol consumption.
  • This medicine can cause dizziness. Therefore, get up slowly from a sitting or a lying position.
  • If you want to undergo a surgical procedure, inform your health professional that you are taking Cabgolin tablets.
  • This medicine is not advised during pregnancy; it should be used when it is required. Consider the dangers and benefits.
  • Cabgolin 0.5 mg can mix into breastmilk; therefore, breastfeeding women must avoid using this pills. They can consult their health professional.

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by Julio Braaten, Tennessee, US on Cabgolin

My libido was getting low day by day because of hyperprolactinemia. Later, my sexual health improved after the treatment with Cabgolin 0.5 mg.