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Smoking which starts as a rebel symbol amongst youth peer groups is later found to develop into an acute addiction once the individual starts enjoying the habit. The enjoyment is caused due to the drug Generic Nicorette. To aid people to help quit this bad habit, the usage of products like tablets, gums, Nicorette patch has been found to be useful. The products are designed to help the smoker overcome the addiction of Generic Nicorette. However, it should be noted that using these products alone does not help aid the individual quit smoking it has to be coupled with a firm will power and desire by the individual to follow through once he has quit smoking.


Generic Nicorette contain active ingredient as Nicorette which helps to reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms when the person is trying to quit smoking.


Generic Nicorette gum which is among the most successful products in the market is supposed to be chewed for 30 minutes. During this time Nicorette Generic is absorbed into the body through the mucous membranes of one’s mouth when they rest after chewing. It has been found that depending on the strength of the gum 15-20 sticks can be chewed during a 24 hour period.


Generic Nicorette has been observed to make some patients dizzy or drowsy; hence it’s very vital that after taking the drug the patient should not do any activity that requires alertness like driving and working on heavy machinery. Certain patients have reported stomach bleeding and the risk increases when the patient has been consuming tobacco and alcohol. Generic Nicorette can also make you more sensitive to the sun; it is highly advised that one should wear sunscreen and use protective sun block so as to avoid skin damage. Some products have sodium salts in them so it’s important to consult the doctor if one is on a restricted diet.

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 2 reviews
by Jessica Norton on Generic Nicorette

Generic Nicorette has helped my father to quit smoking. Wonder drug.

by Roland Matthew on Generic Nicorette

Really happy that using generic Nicorette has helped curb my smoking habit that I have been battling for years.