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Waklert is manufactured by Sun Pharma. It is the generic version of the branded medication Nuvigil, indicated for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy or shift works sleep disorder. Waklert is less expensive than Nuvigil as it is a generic version. Waklert comprises of Armodafinil as the active constituent. This medication is to be taken orally once in a day. It is preferably taken in the morning for the treatment of narcolepsy and obstructive sleep apnea and one hour before starting work shift in case of shift work disorder. You must inform your doctor if your shift does not start at the same time each day.

Waklert does not cure sleep disorders. In addition to sleep disorders, this medication is also used off-label for chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and major depressive disorder. The exact mechanism of action is not clinically established. However, it is known to increase the levels of neurotransmitters such as dopamine, melatonin, orexin, serotonin, and adenosine, which help to regulate the sleep-wake cycle and help in boosting mood, energy levels, and concentration.


The active component, Armodafinil, present in Waklert belongs to a pharmacological class of ‘wakefulness-promoting agents’. The FDA approved Armodafinil for the treatment of sleep work disorder and narcolepsy, and as an add-on therapy for obstructive sleep apnea. The time required for this medication to produce its effect is not clinically determined. Also, there is no clinical data available about its duration of effect.

The presence of food may affect the onset and duration of action of Armodafinil. After taking Waklert medication orally, it is readily absorbed. It is more effective than Modafinil because of its longer half-life. Armodafinil can produce addiction if used for an extended duration of time. The molecular formula and molecular weight of Armodafinil are C15H15NO2S and 273.35 respectively. This medication should be used only after consulting a physician. It is a central nervous system stimulant that produces psychoactive and euphoric effects.


  • Before you start taking Waklert, read all the instructions mentioned on the prescription leaflet carefully. Ask your physician or pharmacist if you have any queries regarding its usage.
  • The dosage will depend on your health condition, medical history and the way you respond to the treatment.
  • Do not take this medication in more amount, more often and for an extended duration of time than recommended by your physician.
  • Never stop taking Waklert without asking your physician. Continue taking it even if you start feeling better.
  • Do not take this medication if you have a history of allergy to Armodafinil, Modafinil or any other medicines.
  • Do not consume alcohol and limit your intake of chocolates and beverages containing caffeine while taking Waklert.
  • This medication is not approved for use in children as they are likely to suffer from very bad rashes. Also, use this medication with caution in individuals about 65 years old and above.
  • Avoid discontinuing the medicine abruptly, doing so may produce withdrawal symptoms such as sweating, chills, and confusion.


  • Tell your pharmacist or physician your entire medical history before taking this medication. Waklert should not be taken by persons having a history of heart problems such as enlarged heart, heart attack, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, hypertension, and liver or kidney dysfunction.
  • Do not perform any activities requiring attentiveness while using this drug product as this medication can also make you dizzy, even if it is used for treating sleep disorders.
  • Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy as this medication can pose a risk to the unborn baby. Also, avoid using this medication during breast-feeding. The advantages and disadvantages should be discussed with your physician before taking it.
  • This medication can reduce the effectiveness of hormonal contraceptives such as patches, rings, implants, injections, birth control pills, etc. Consult your doctor and take other forms of birth control while using this medication and for about one month after discontinuing it.
  • The most common adverse effects observed include nausea, headache, upset stomach, dry mouth, and dizziness. These side effects are mild and they last only till the medication is present inside the body.
  • Store this medication at ambient temperature in a dry place. Never store it in the bathroom. Keep it away from the reach of children and pets.

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by Christopher Fenderson on Waklert

I was unable to concentrate on my work. My doctor recommended taking Waklert. After using Waklert, my concentration improved. It is a wakefulness-promoting agent containing Armodafinil as the active component. I ordered it from MedStoreRx.com, which is a renowned online drugstore all over the world. This online pharmacy provides me excellent discounts and exciting offers on online purchases.