Intacaine Jelly – A Topical Anesthetic For Arrhythmias Issue

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Intacaine Jelly is an anesthetic gel that can be applied anywhere on the body. However, Intacaine Jelly is more commonly used to treat premature ejaculation. The study that took place in 2003 proved that Intacaine Jelly is effective against palliate premature ejaculation. This drug is actively composed of 2% lidocaine. This gel works by decreasing the sensitivity in the tissues of the male reproductive organ. One needs to apply Intacaine Jelly on the shaft and head to decline the sensitivity during sexual activity. Thus, in short, it works efficiently to make you last for a long time during sexual activity because the decreased sensitivity also reduces sensations and prevents early semen ejaculation. Men with PE approximately ejaculates within 84 seconds. Besides, men who used Intacaine Jelly last up to 11 minutes.


lidocaine is the active constituent, which is a type of local anesthetic medication. Using this Intacaine Jelly on the penile head and penile shaft helps to lower the sensitivity. The higher sensation is the common reason for premature ejaculation. Therefore, this drug is the best solution for palliating premature ejaculation. It works by provisionally blocking nerve signals that cause a sensation. However, it has an effective mechanism that shows results within a short time. This drug has worked efficiently for many men to gain control over PE.


  • Read the instruction manual carefully before you begin taking Intacaine Jelly. However, use this medication as advised by your physician. Use it when needed.
  • Use Intacaine Jelly 15-20 minutes before indulging in sexual activity. Take a generous amount of Intacaine Jelly on your hand and rub it gently on the head and shaft of your penile organ.
  • You may wash away the gel once you feel some amount of numbness, as it will avert the numbness of the mate’s reproductive organ. The effect of this Intacaine Jelly sustains up to 36 hours.
  • However, you need to figure out the right amount of Intacaine Jelly gel for yourself that reduces sensitivity. If you do not experience any changes, you may increase the dose after asking your doctor.
  • Avoid using Intacaine Jelly if your partner is a nursing woman. You require to ask your physician first.
  • Intacaine Jelly is safe for men suffering from kidney or liver disorders. Though, inform your doctor before you use this drug.


  • Use Intacaine Jelly under medical supervision. Before using Intacaine Jelly gel, tell your health expert if you are allergic to any active or inactive constituent present on this anesthetic gel.
  • Do not apply Intacaine Jelly straight on an open bruise. It will cause rapid drug absorption in the blood, which can be dangerous for your wellbeing.
  • In case; if you are allergic to anesthetic medications, tell your physician immediately before you begin using Intacaine Jelly to control premature ejaculation.
  • Do not use Intacaine Jelly in a larger quantity; it can be dangerous for health.
  • Discontinue using it if you experience allergic effects such as itching, rash, or swelling. If you observe such signs, immediately report it to your doctor.
  • Intacaine Jelly is unsafe if your partner is pregnant; therefore, avoid using it in such a condition. However, you must consult your physician regarding the risks and benefits of this drug.

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by Ray Walsh, Texas, United States on Intacaine Jelly

Intacaine Jelly is the easiest way to get over premature ejaculation. This drug is quick to show the result. I am satisfied with its impressive results. MedStoreRx offers a good deal on this medication.