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Tadalis is an on-prescription Erectile Dysfunction drug that is highly recommended by doctors across the globe. Its active ingredient – Tadalafil is proven to redirect blood in the pubic region, ensuring that the man experience an erect organ when excited. While this drug is known for being effective, men also tend to consume this medication as it is highly safe with rare and mild side-effects. The drug has an extremely long action time in the blood, remaining active for more than 36 hours. This makes it ideal for men who are looking at options of being sexually active for over 24 hours. To make the most of this drug, it should be consumed after a small, non-oily snack.


Tadalafil is the key ingredient of this erectile dysfunction tablet. This component is known to nullify the effect of the enzyme that decreases the supply of blood to the pelvic region, this taking care of the impotency issue at its very roots.


Tadalis is recommended in doses of 200 mg – orally consumed within 40 minutes of any sexual acts. This highly effective drug stays in the system for a couple of hours, ensuring that the man can have more than one-go in the act of love making. The dosage can be repeated within 36 hours of consuming the drug.


Tadalis is a medication that has undergone various levels of clinical trials and tests before it its introduced in the market. This makes it one of the safest erectile dysfunction drugs – a proven solution to men who are looking at a long term solution for ED. Though this medication is safe, it may show some side-effects with nausea, drowsiness, headache and blurred vision being the most common ones. These usually do not last long and tend to ameliorate with time. If a person suffers from accelerated heartbeats, difficulty in breathing or complete blackouts, he should immediately consult his physician. Tadalis is not recommended for women. Accidental intake can lead to sudden rise in heart rate, suffocation and hormonal dis-balance. Tadalis requires to be stored safely, away from children, sunlight and damp environment. Tadalis should not be consumed with alcohol or any citrus drinks. They tend to affect the action of the drug. A heart patient needs to undergo certain tests before his doctor gives him a go ahead with this drug.

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by Roger Greenwig – Salisbury on Tadalis

Tadalis is a must for men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction. I buy tadalis online through MedstoreRx and have been taking this drug for over 5 years and its affect has only gotten better with time. I have recommended Tadalis to a lot of my friends and each of them has some amazing stories to share.

by Harry Jade – Oakland on Tadalis

I never knew that Tadalis could make my life so much better. Not only does my little man stay nice and firm during action, it had helped me gain confidence while dating women. MedstoreRx has made my life easier in so many ways.

by Barry Knock - Louisville on Tadalis

The effects of Tadalis can be wicked, though in a good way. Not only has it brought back the spark that was lost in our marriage, but has also helped me and my wife get into the honeymoon mode again. Also whenever, I buy tadalis online you people always impress me with quick and quality service.