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Cilacar is a potent drug that helps to treat hypertension. This drug is actively composed of cilnidipine drug. This drug has efficiently worked to overcome hypertension. The active ingredient present in this drug is a calcium channel inhibitor that helps to lower the blood pressure to the normal range. Hypertension can cause life-threatening events such as stroke and heart attack. Cilacar dosage depends on the health condition of the patient. Take this medicine regularly for better benefits, do not stop taking this drug unless told by your health expert. Cilacar drugs do not cause any food interactions; therefore, you can take this pill after having enough meals. Consult your doctor to know the correct dosage. This drug efficiently works to relax the heart muscles and dilates the blood vessels that allows supplying blood flow in the whole body.


Cilacar is a potent drug, which has been patented for medical use. This drug is actively composed of Cilnidipine drug that falls in the category of medicines called calcium channel blockers. Calcium ions enter into the blood vessels and heart muscles that cause chest tightness and contraction of arteries. Therefore, Cilacar drug acts as an efficient calcium channel blocker and works to inhibit the calcium ions from entering the blood vessels. This process helps to dilate the blood vessels and works for proper blood augmentation, which reduces the risk of heart attack and strokes.


  • Before taking Cilacar pills, carefully read the printed instructions on the leaflet, or follow your expert’s directions. To know the right dosage, always take Cilacar pills under medical supervision.
  • Take Cilacar tablets with a glass of water and consume the intact pill. You may take these pills after a meal or on an empty stomach. Remember to take this drug nearly at the same time daily. It will improve your heart health.
  • Your doctor will advise a dosage depending on your age, health condition, and weight. If you are taking other medicines, tell your doctor before.
  • Your health expert could ask you to check your pulse daily while using Cilacar pills. If it is slower than usual, go to your doctor right away.
  • Avoid overdose of Cilacar as it can be fatal. In such a case, call 911 or seek prompt medical help. In case if you miss a dosage, skip that dose when it is time for the next dosage.
  • Avoid taking other drugs with Cilacar drug as it may cause severe medicine interactions. Therefore, you need to tell your doctor which medicines you are using.


  • Before you start taking Cilacar pills, you must inform your doctor if you are allergic to any active or inactive ingredients present in Cilacar pills. You should also tell him if you have any other health problems.
  • If you have experienced a heart attack, stroke, or any other cardiac disorder, report it to your doctor before starting this dosage.
  • People with severe kidney or liver disorder must avoid using anti-hypertensive drugs such as Cilacar. You need to consult your doctor in such a condition.
  • For avoiding drug interactions, tell your doctor if you are taking other medicines. You should tell your doctor if you are taking any prescription or OTC drugs.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women must take Cilacar pills after consulting their physicians.
  • Do not perform any tasks that need mental alertness like operating a machine or driving as you may feel drowsy or dizzy after taking Cilacar dosage.
  • Consumption of alcohol with Cilacar is not allowed. Alcohol with Cilacar pills will lead to a sudden drop in blood pressure.

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by Richard Bailey, Indiana, United States on Cilacar

My dad suffers from hypertension. I bought Cilacar pills for him. His blood pressure is under control now because of these pills; he also follows a strict diet and workout routine.