Treat Seasonal Allergies With The Help Of Deslor Tablet

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Deslor contains desloratadine, an antihistamine that treats allergic conditions without making you drowsy or dizzy. It controls allergic reactions. Deslor helps alleviate symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis (hay fever), such as sneezing, stuffy/runny nose, itchy nose, red/watery eyes, and itchy eyes. It is also used to alleviate the symptoms associated with urticaria, an allergic skin condition characterized by skin rashes with intense itching and redness. Deslor offers quick relief from allergic symptoms so you can resume your normal daily activities as well as sleep well at night. In short, Deslor is nothing but a generic version of Clarinex.


The active drug composition of Deslor is desloratadine, a safe and effective antihistamine drug. Desloratadine is one of the long-acting histamine antagonists, which has a selective H1-receptor histamine antagonist activity. Histamine is a substance released in the body when an allergic reaction takes place. It is this histamine that causes inflammation by allowing the body to releases prostaglandins. Deslor inhibits the release of histamine in order to bring down the inflammation, providing relief from allergy symptoms.


  • Like Clarinex, the recommended dose of Deslor is 5 mg once daily. In people with liver or kidney impairment, doctors may advise Deslor 5 mg once every other day.
  • Have a look at your prescription and follow all directions before you start using Deslor 5 mg for your seasonal or perennial allergies. Ask your doctor if you don’t understand the directions.
  • You can take this allergy medicine by mouth, with or without food, or as directed by your physician, usually once daily, and not more than that.
  • Typically, the dose is based on the age, the severity of the medical condition, and your response to treatment. Do not increase the dose of your own volition. Do not take this medication more often than advised.
  • See your doctor if your allergic condition does not improve even after using Deslor exactly as recommended. Also, check with your doctor if your condition worsens during treatment.
  • If you miss a dose, take it as soon as your recollect, but do not double up the dose to make up for the missed dose. Deslor overdose could lead to unpleasant side effects.


  • Before taking Deslor tablets, tell your doctor if you are allergic to desloratadine or loratadine. Also, tell your doctor about other medical conditions you have or have had.
  • More importantly, tell your doctor your medical history of kidney or liver disease because patients with liver or kidney disease need a lower dose of Deslor.
  • Desloratadine may cause mild drowsiness when used at the recommended dose. So, it is advisable to avoid driving, using machinery, or doing any activity that requires mental alertness.
  • Before undergoing any surgery, you must tell your surgeon or dentist that you are on Deslor for allergic rhinitis or urticaria.
  • Pregnant women should use Deslor only if it has been indicated by their doctor. Similarly, breastfeeding mothers should consult their doctors before using this allergy medication.
  • Some of the common side effects of Deslor include dry or sore throat, nausea, muscle pain, and dizziness. Get immediate medical attention if any unwanted side effects occur after taking a Deslor tablet.
  • Keep the medicine away from children and pets. Store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and heat. Do not use outdated medicine.

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by Brian Davis, Montana, United States on Deslor

I use Deslor instead of Clarinex. I found both the same. Deslor is much cheaper. I buy Deslor online from this pharmacy. I need it because I constantly suffer from allergies.