Why Generally Relationships Break Up?

Two individuals, before getting into relationship are attracted towards each other through a pleasing eye contact (physical attraction), but for a lasting relationship this is not enough.


To start a relationship, eye contact is initial stage, but to last it forever these two different people’s thinking have to be matched. Couples are wheels of the relationship cart, one imbalance and the whole cart will collapse.

There are many things in that lead to hurting relationship and break ups. Below are these factors of break ups; prevent your beloved relationship from such hurdles.

Misunderstanding- The day misunderstanding creeps into your relationship it will start making cracks in it. Misunderstanding is root cause of all major problems arising in a relationship. Misunderstanding usually takes place unintentionally. One would not even be able to recognize when it starts seeding into their life. Keeping away misunderstanding from relationship is better if you would clarify the doubts itself at the movement. There are chances you might face some debate during clarification, but its okay.  After clarifying these doubts make sure, you don’t repeat it again and again, otherwise your partner would get upset.

Ego Problem- No one likes his or her self-respect to be hurt, especially by someone so near. The way you love your self-respect even others do have it. There are some couples who do fights over ego or insult of self-respect. Rather that showing how superior they are, in ego problems they show inferiority to the opposite partner. The ego hurting topics includes position, salary, good looks, family background, and so on. It would be better if you would avoid such topics that hurt each other’s feelings.

Selfish Motto- Besides physical attraction there are few factors many individuals like to get involved with someone, financial background is among the one reason. For money matters many individuals fight and after awhile an individual get fussed up about relationship. For building up long lasting relationship trust, commitment and satisfaction is always needed, it doesn’t lie on money or any other selfish motto. Relationship may work without all these things, but without these three factors, it will absolutely fail.

Less Time for Each Other- A partner seeks for an attention from loving partner, may be not always, but at least that time when you are lone together. Especially couples who are full day engaged in their work schedule do spend some quality time with partner. Understand his or her queries, problems, etc. Many individuals after coming home bring their work to home. This keeps engaged in office work and less time spared with each other. Thus, opposite partner starts feeling alone even in your presence with less attention, it gradually creates communication gap between two and ultimately ends relationship one day.