5 Physical Signs Of Attraction Revealed

According to an expert anthropologist, our body is a finely tuned machine that seeks attraction and it takes only a single second to intuitively decide physical attraction.

sign-of-attractionTo make sure that good ones do not get away, the body produces some physical signs of attraction that capture our attention and address it towards the concerned dreamboat.

When these physical actions begin, even a short glimpse of your crush can leave you dazzled and amazed. Here are five physical signs of attraction that I would be revealing.

1.   Copycat

When individuals interact during a date and things are working pretty well, then mirroring of body language is quite common and it occurs subconsciously. For example, someone might lean close towards the dinner table, whereas the other person follows in suit.

As per a research, men tend to give more ratings to those women, who faintly mirror their nonverbal and verbal patterns. Scratching faces post the man scratches his face for instance will ultimately boost the woman’s sexual attraction after the interaction. In case the body language exchanges spur long lasting relationship, bodies of men and women might play copycat when they age together.

2.   Jeepers

Pupil plays a vital role in indicating the attraction. When we notice a pleasing face, our brain releases dopamine, which spurs pupil dilation. The credit here goes to dopamine’s upsurge in the brain, which stimulates the nerve endings in eyes, whereas the muscles of pupils contract and widen our peepers.

Nevertheless, pupil orientations are not uniform all over. Thus, bigger is not always better. Though heterosexual males find women with bigger dilated pupils more beautiful and feminine, most of the straight women opt for men with medium dilations that indicate sexual interest.

Nevertheless, women who engage in short term sexual relationship with the bad guys eyed bigger pupils.

3.  Stay With Me

A number of stories have proved that heterosexual girls prefer deeper vocals that whisper in their ears. Besides associating low pitched male voice with manliness, women link bass notes with authority, physical attractiveness and bigger body size.

4.   Perspiring The Small Stuff

If you come across someone, who makes you go gaga instantly, then it is best to avoid handshake with them. Sweating palms is one of the classiest physical responses to attraction. The chemicals that spur our impulses also stroke the sweat glands. These chemicals include serotonin, norepinephrine, dopamine and asmonoamines collectively produce feeling of excitement, moist hands and slight breathlessness.

Talking about sweaty palms, norepinephrine should be blamed for. Men tend to experience sweaty palms more compared to women.

5.   By My Heartbeat

Ever wondered why do art and literature always link heart and romance? This is because our hearts are nervous, pulses race up with the sight of that attractive person. In fact, heart’s attraction link up is so persuasive that even studies have found that pumping a person’s heart rate and then putting her or him near a stranger might exaggeratedly spark the attraction.

Human brain is accountable for this physical response and not the Cupid. The brain automatically releases norepinephrine when a person is around his/her love interest.