Valentine’s Day In A Healthy Way

“Valentine’s day” is the day of exchange of immense love, affection and care towards your partner. Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated with a candle light dinner, dance, wine, gifts exchanged in every way that your love for your partner is expressed in the best way you can.

Valentines Day In A Healthy WayEveryone wants their loved ones to be healthy and fit. So why not start exchanging pledges regarding healthy habits? Health and valentines are two different boats altogether, but how about celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a touch of health factor? Check out for tips:

Healthy Gifts:

Every year you gift your loved ones with chocolates (kilos of calories), flower bouquets, teddy and so on… This year try to gift some healthy and creating things like a basket full of fresh and crunchy fruits. Fruits are always on top of the chart of healthy food. You can even replace chocolates with different berries; by doing this you will find yourself consuming few calories.

Cute Puppies To Keep Your Loved One On Track:

If your partner loves to keep pets, then it is a great idea to gift her with a cute little and active puppy. When it comes to having a pet, the dog not only is the most loyal one but will also assist your partner health wise by keeping her on the running track. Besides, the dog is a human’s best friend and a stress buster too. Dogs help relieve stress, becomes your best companion every time you’re alone.

Exchanging Pledges:

If your partner has unhealthy habits like smoking then make this Valentine’s Day as quit smoking day too. Ask your partner to take a pledge on putting an end to this habit. In case if you both are addicted to the dangerous smoking habit, then decide to quit smoking together taking pledges for each other.

Gym Membership:

This is another great gift to celebrate Valentine’s Day – in a healthy way. Get a membership for both of you in nearby gym, promise that you will go together every day. It will be fun as you both were two lovebirds in love before and now you are gym buddies too. Go for shopping, buy some workout outfits.

If you both don’t have enough time to go out and do exercises, then buy some workout machine for home.

Health Checkup Day:

In today’s fast paced life we often avoid this important thing as we don’t have enough time. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, plan a small regular visit to your doctor. Make sure that you and your partner are physically fit, healthy and sound.

Healthy Foods Treat:

The most special thing that a husband can gift her wife is cooking for her or at least helping her in cooking that she makes with all the love for you every day. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner, make a special dinner at home itself. Serve fruit salad for desert instead of cake which is full of calories.

Little Comedy Twist:

Rather than going out for a romantic movie, this time try some comedy genre. Going out for a comedy movie can make your valentine laugh. Laughter can help you both to minimize the stress as it’s the best health medicine too.

So now you have some of the special and healthier ways to spend the most special day of love with your valentine. All you need to do is spend some time making it healthier for you and your love. Remember to make every moment special.