Mental Blocks For Women During Love Making

Love_MakingRanging from physical to medical side effects, there are various factors that cause sexual dysfunction in women. However, some common psychological causes of female sexual dysfunction are mentioned below.


Depression is one of the most common causes of sexual dysfunction in women. This is a concerning condition which affects the normal mental state of the women. Depression is also referred to as major depression or major depressive disorder. Though the condition also affects men it is highly found in women. It is widely known that a person may obtain sexually arousing signals from the brain. If your brain is preoccupied with unhealthy mental state it may affect the ability of the women to get excited and experience arousal. Hence, depressions is amongst the barriers that keeps a woman from indulging in sexual activity pleasurably.


Stress is another common psychological anomaly which is attributed to degraded sexual health in females. Stress is a highly recorded mental health issue in women. There are various factors that may lead to stress ranging from pressure of personal and professional life to hormonal imbalance, etc., can lead to stressful situations with women. Usually stress is an outcome of worries in case of females. Stress has been associated with sexual dysfunction. It is studied that women who are stressed are more vulnerable to low libido or reduced sex drive. Hence for women to suffer from sexual dysfunction caused due to stress, it is essential to overcome the psychological condition.

Lack Of Confidence And Low Body Image:

There are many women who suffer from poor body image issue which lead to low confidence. We all know that women are appearance conscious. Hence, improper body shape, overweight, appearance, skin, etc. may cause them to feel that they have a low body image. This in turn reduces their general confidence as well as sexual confidence. Women with low self esteem can also have a hindered relationship. She may also feel that she is not attractive enough to be appealing to her partner. Poor body image and lack of confidence can serve as a barrier between women and pleasurable sexual intercourse. In other situations the condition may aggravate to cause severe psychological anomaly such as depression etc. which may also hinder the sexual health of a woman.

If you or your woman is suffering from any psychological anomaly then ensure to consult a psychologist immediately. This will help in controlling these psychological conditions. In general, many psychological conditions can aggravate and cause suicidal tendencies. Treating the condition timely can reduce risk of such issues. Your doctor may prescribe some medicine and exercises for the female to control the symptoms and improve her psychological state. On the other hand, such treatments can help women regain their sexual interest. Hence, psychological barrier that causes women to stay away from sexual intercourse can be overcome.