Know When To Break That Relationship

Being in a relationship is the best thing that can happen to a person. It changes the entire environment and the person him/herself. When you like someone or someone is getting important in your life, it is necessary that you realize that person and the feelings towards him/her.When to BreakUpSimilarly, it is necessary for you to realize that the feeling is dying and is no more in the relationship. It is time that you should move and break that contact as that eventually leads to sadness and depression in your life. Following are some clues which would guide you when is the right time for you to move on.

No Contact:

It is necessary for a person to be in touch with the other person when they both are in relationship. Communication and contact only helps to build the relationship stronger and allows you to come close to each other. Likewise, when you are no longer in regular touch with a person or loosing contact, it is necessary for you to analyze the possible situation for it and take the necessary step. In case you find out that you don’t hold any more importance in that person’s life, then you should break up and move ahead. Lack of contact would only pull you away from other person. Thus, instead of getting hurt and going through a difficult time, it is wise to give a full stop to that relationship.

Often Fights:

Fights are important for a relationship. With fights relationships gets stronger as the two people bring out the hard feeling towards each other. This way, they don’t hold any negative feelings and thus the bond gets stronger. But, if you find out that you are having more often fights and those too very dirty fights, it means that your interests and thoughts are clashing thus making it hard for both of you to live together. In such cases, it is better to take a call and end the relationship.


When you’re in a relationship, it is necessary for you to think for both. But when, you start feeling that the other person is being self-centered and is only concerned about his/her liking and comforts, it is better that you break that relationship up. When a person becomes self-centered, he/she would only pay attention to things he/she likes thus making it difficult for you to survive and adjust.

Not Sharing:

In relationship, everything should be clear and there shouldn’t be any secrets. If you find out that the other person is starting to keep secrets and starts to hide things without sharing with you, it means he/she is not considering you as an important person. It is clearly said that there shouldn’t be any secrets or lying in relationships. If it happens, then that relationship will not sustain forever.

Above are the only few traits of the weak relationship. It is better that you analyze the situations for yourself and see the other signs which would indicate you about the almost broken relationship. It is understood that being in relationship is the best thing but then one also not close the eyes so much to see that the spark doesn’t exists between the two which was holding them together.