Is Having Sex All The Time Is Normal?

People say sex is a way to express your love towards your loved ones. It is an art and a pleasure that you provide to your partner and express your affection. It is okay to have it often but there are few who are always on for it.

Sex all timeTo take you to surprise, there are few people who would be ready to have sex all the time. No matter what the time, they would like to have it with you. They are always sexually aroused and can express their love to you by having sex.

To some, this is okay whereas some find it awkward. Either partner complains that wanting sex all the time not okay for them or they simply sometime fail to provide their partner with what they are looking for.

There could be various reasons for it. Before we understand the reason on to why some want sex all the time, let’s understand why people have sex. People have it to show their love and affection, as we said earlier. If we look to the physical aspect of it, it could be to have pleasure stress relief or an attraction to the person. As far as other reasons are concerned, it could be to boost the self esteem. And for couples, it could be the motive to have kids.

Now, as we understand the reason as to why people have sex, you can make out on why your partner is looking for sex all the time. We also can’t claim that the above mentioned things could be the one of the reasons for your question but then sometimes hormones also play an important role.

As far as the having sex all the time is concerned, it is quite normal until you are okay with it. There is no certain rule or guideline present anywhere which could tell you that you should not have sex more than 3 times a week, for instance. It is completely between the two people to decide it.

Also, having sex all the time would also look good as in this might reflect that you’ve nothing to do. It is better that you understand your partner and tackle this situation accordingly. He/she might need to show his/her affection to you this way. After all, everyone has a different way of expression. It is important that you understand it deal with it wisely.

The best thing that can be done is talk to your partner about it. Make him/her understand that you’re not comfortable with having sex all the time. Don’t try to be rude else things might take a different turn. Remember, asking for sex is not at all abnormal. Don’t make your partner feel bad when you speak about it to him/her.