Hot 13 Ways To Last Longer In Bed

Men and women are two different genders and thus they have their own personalities and expectation. For a man, sex is nothing but just a moment to shed out all the tension and stress and get relaxed. Whereas for a woman, it is a moment to strengthen the bond and spend time with the person she loves.

Last Longer In BedThese two different thoughts leave men and women at two different corners. Due to these differences, a man might think that he has a satisfied sexual life whereas for a woman, she is left dissatisfied. This could lead to bigger problem in life, later on. It is important that men provide happiness to his woman too by extending those hours. Let’s see how it is possible.

1. Stop And Start:

For those men, who suffer from premature ejaculation, it is a trusted technique. It is quite easy to follow. All you have to do is get aroused to a level from where there is no return. And then as you start to feel that you’re almost there, take a brief pause by foreplay or other soft postures. Then, start it again. All you’ve to do is continue it till the time you want to stop it.

2. Watch Your Stamina:

Whenever you’re doing masturbation, observe your stamina. Observe that when you achieve the point of no return. Also, you’ve to teach yourself to take a break and then start it again. This way, you would be able to control yourself for the longest period of sessions.

3. Don’t Rush Into Things:

Men always rush into the things. It is better that you can take things slow. The more you urge to reach to the climax, the lesser time you’ll get to enjoy. It is better that you take things slow and get more involved in soft actions and foreplay. Remember, your woman also desires to have an action for the longest period of time.

4. Squeeze Technique:

This is another good technique which can help you to provide long run fun. All you’ve to do is ask your woman to squeeze the tip of your organ whenever you feel like reaching to the climax. You can do it for a couple of seconds, then relax yourself for another couple of seconds and then start the act again.

5. Breath Deep:

In many cases deep breathing helps a lot while pleasurable moments. This would help you to relax your muscles and you would feel good. As your arousal arc will be relaxed you can probably carry on your act for a longer period of time.

6. Opt For Condoms:

In some cases, men are able to carry out the act for a longer time because of the condom. Condom is any how important to have safe sex. You can opt for desensitization condoms for a better result. This would not only provide you longer hours of pleasure but would also save you from sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Quite Doggy Style:

Having a doggy style sex position is good for those who want to have it done quickly. It is best if you could skip this and opt for some other positions as in missionary style or woman on top. This way, you would be able to have a nice long stamina.

8. Do Kegel:

This is a form of exercise which can help you to relax the muscles who are responsible for the ejaculatory control. This can be really helpful if you want to have a longer session.

9. Don’t Think Of Organ:

It was found that the more you think about the organism, the more quickly you reach to the climax. So, it is better that you stop thinking about it and enjoy the movements.

10. Let Her Hold:

If she holds your organism first, you would have a feeling of satisfaction. This way, there would be less chance of getting premature ejaculation as she will take care of it properly.

11. Go For A Second Round:

It may happen that you finished your first round quickly but then no harm in going for the second round. It was observed that when men go for the second round they last longer and thus provide the maximum satisfaction to the women.

12. Clear Your Pump:

You can also masturbate at least two hours before your sexual activity so that when you would be actually enjoying it with your women; you can have a longer session. This has been successful in various situations.

13. Take Help Of Medication:

There are various kinds of medications available for the premature ejaculations. You can opt for them as they are quite safe to have. Although, it is always better to consult the doctor before you take it.

Longer sessions can really provide you the maximum satisfaction which you aim for. If you would really want it then above are the 13 best options for you. Chose according to your need and enjoy those sessions.