9 Signs To Know When She Likes You

9 Signs To Know When She Likes YouMen and women are not only different human being who can be differentiated by their body but also by their nature and traits. Men, who are considered as an outspoken person and speak his mind out, women, on the contrary, are emotional and sentimental. Men may speak the thing directly whereas women would like to express a lot through their body language and signs. Often, men fail to understand these signals and get confused. Well, don’t worry, we bring you certain common signs and signals a woman would show when she likes you.

Sign #1: Constant Smile

The women are very particular about their gestures. They would smile only at those with whom they’re close. You would often see women smiling limited at various men. This implies they are smiling only for the courtesy. But, if you find her smiling at you very often then understand that she has some feeling for you. Before you make out any assumption about it, observe her.

Sign #2: Caring For You

A woman can be tough with less care about a person she doesn’t like and can go extra miles for those for whom she cares. So, if you find a girl caring for you like bringing water without asking or if you want something getting it for you at one call or any other similar gestures, then understand that she likes you. She might do this to win your heart by showing her care for you.

Sign #3: Bumps Into You Often

This is very common. It’s been shown in various movies too. A woman who likes you would find her own way to bump into you very often. Either she would need something or would be passing by but she would find a way to see you or to even say ‘Hi’ more often. If this is happening, then understand that you’re her crush.

Sign #4: Sharing Lots Of Things

Women normally don’t do this with every second guy. The moment you feel that a girl is sharing lots of things with you like her family details, problems, and her day-to-day things, get a signal that she likes you. She is doing that so that you can be a part of her life. And with a hope that someday you would make her a part of your life.

Sign #5: Share Contact Details

No women would share her contact details with a man so easily. She is paranoid of giving a wrong signal to a man. But, if you’re the lucky one to get her signal easily then may be because she expects you to give her a call someday and you can take the brief meeting forward.

Sign #6: Introduction To Family And Friends:

Introducing you to the family and friends means the second step of making you a part of your life. This is necessary that you understand this signal. As women are quite emotional, they easily go with the flow. Men, on the contrary, being a little practical may overlook it. It is necessary that you clarify your intention in advance so that she can take her steps properly.

Sign 7#: Being Possessive

She might have not been your official girlfriend but whenever she would hear about other girls from you, she would act jealous. You should be smart enough to make out that she is getting jealous and this might be little tricky. She can’t be too possessive as only she likes you but then she is paranoid as you might not like her. In such cases, she might act weird.

Sign #8: Conscious About Appearance

Normally, women are conscious about their looks and appearance but if she likes you, she would be even more conscious. She would adjust her clothes, play with her hair, try to look neat and clean and would act to try to more good. If this is happening, she might like you.

Sign #9: Remembering Dates

It is a universal fact that women are good with dates. But, when a woman starts to remember important dates in your life then surely she likes you. No women would pay attention to the important dates for every man’s life. She would surely do it for the guy she likes.

The above signs and signals are some of the common ones which a woman might show when she likes you. But there could be more. All you’ve to do is to be cautious about her actions towards you. It would be better for you as you can either carry it forward or can stop it there so that no one is hurt. So, keep your eyes open.