8 Mistakes That Make Her Hate You

For a man, it is always difficult to read a woman. It is said that if he is able to manage a woman properly, then he can manage anything. It really is a challenging thing for a man as you would not know what can impress her and what can push her away from you.
relationship problemsIt gets more difficult for those who are in a relationship or are planning to be in one. For them, a little mistake and things might go bad. But not to worry, we bring to you the common mistake which men made and she hates you for it.

Mistake No 1: You Don’t Listen To Her

We know that when a woman starts sharing her things, she just goes on without a break. And for a man, it is very difficult to understand and keep a track of what she is saying. We really don’t pay attention to her and that makes her angry. The solution, even if you are not interested in her talk, show that you are actually listening her and do care for her. She needs someone to share her mind and that’s you. So, the moment you start listening to her, she would feel great and you can make her happy.

Mistake No 2: You’re Messy

For a man, is a beer bottle is lying on the floor in one corner, it is not a big deal. But for a woman, it does matter a lot. Understand the fact that women are more organized than men. So, make sure that you at least try to keep your place a little organized so that she would get a feeling that you’re actually helping her to keep the place neat and clean. This would certainly impress her and you can win her heart.

Mistake No 3: You Ask Her Account But Don’t Share Yours

We men are little careful when it comes to accounts. And so, we try to manage it quite well. This leads us to enquire about her account, in detail. Whereas, a man avoids sharing his account with her. This might make her feel bad and she might get a feeling that you’re trying to control her. It may trigger her and she might take a different way.

Mistake No 4: You’re Not Romantic

For us, romance means sex. Whereas for them romance is beyond sex. She expects you to show some public affection like holding her hand, kissing her in public and all. But we really don’t feel it as important things. If you bring her a flower daily, she would be happy. So, be attentive to it. Show the needed public affection. Remember, too much of it can also be the trouble.

Mistake No 5: You Only Have Boys Talk

The men can never think beyond baseball, drink and sex. This might really bore her. It is important you think beyond it and talk to your girl about various other issues which she might be interested in. Talk about her day, how’s day going on and all. Also help her with household work. This would help you to have a strong image in her eyes.

Mistake No 6: You Forget Dates

Women have a good memory when it comes to remembering dates. Whereas men forget what they did yesterday. It is important that you keep a record of important dates and try to remember them. Forgetting dates and important events of your life, would really make her feel bad.

Mistake No 7: You Talk About Your Mother Only

We know that a man is close to his mom and love to talk about her. But your constant conversation about your mother with your woman can really make her angry and she might start maintaining a distance from you.

Mistake No 8: You Don’t Participate In Future Talks

Women love to talk about their future. How they would like to spend their life with you. On the contrary, men run away from it. So, the one thing you should do is stop running from it and start to participate in future talks with her. This way, she would feel good and you can impress her.

The above where few common mistakes which a man makes when he’s with a woman. We have to understand that both men and women are two different people and they have their different requirement. It is important that you respond to it by understanding their mindset so that she can love you instead of hating you.