7 Hot Valentine’s Day Romantic Gifts For Her

Want to gift her something romantic, special and creative? Then just stop wasting your time wondering in the gift shop. Because, it is a difficult and time consuming task to find anything something new over there. And remember that it is you who knows her best than your friends.Priceless Romantic Gifts Hence avoid taking advices from them regarding what gift you should buy for her. Here are some of the great, hot and romantic ideas that you can give to your partner. I am sure that she will go woo on you. Check it out:

Soothing Romantic Massage

How about becoming personal masseur for your ladylove? Add some creative twist to it. Design a small massage coupon. Personalise that coupon with special message or you can put a photograph of her. Choose some nice massaging oils, set up an atmosphere, it must be sensual– putting on some soft lights or aromatic candles will help to enhance the mood. If you don’t know anything about giving romantic massages then refer the guidelines available on internet as they are always useful.

Prepare a Bath

What is more relaxing than a hot tub bath after a long and tiring day? Prepare a relaxing hot water bubble bath for her. Help her to get undress, take her to the tub.  Light up some candles around the tub, spread some rose petals. Adding scented oil would act as bonus. Playing the soft sensual romantic music will set a mood. She will definitely love that.

Get Colorfully Messy

If you want to gift her something crazy yet hot and sexy, then eatable color set or chocolate body paint would be great. You both can use each other’s body as canvas and just can paint your love literally. This sounds kind of messy yet sexy as you both can lick off that paint. It will also add some spice to you foreplay.

A Night Under The Sky

Gifting her means not always you have to buy something for her. You can spend some special and precious moments with her. Plan something like she will remember for lifetime. After having dinner together drive her to the small hill top. Don’t forget to pack a bottle of wine and a blanket. Turn on a soft music and dance with her under the sky. After that you both can lay down under the moonlight and sky full of twinkling stars.

Love Letter

Internet or cell phones can’t replace the value of a handwritten letter. Classic way of writing letter will surely flatter her. If you are good at playing with words, then write some nice poem for her. You don’t need be Shakespeare, just write what you feel for her, what she means to you, how she has touched your life, and etc.

Unusual Hot Air Balloon Trip

According to a popular saying, it is said that ‘Love is in the air’, so why don’t you try that literally?
Try to arrange hot air balloon trip for her. If your ladylove is adventurous then she will absolutely love the bird side view.

Show Your Musical Side

If you are good at singing song or playing any musical instrument then you must play her favourite song for her. You can even sing your own song or the song which you want to dedicate to her.