The Relationship Between Sex And Men

Myths about a man’s sexual activity have existed in the past and will continue to do so in future. But it is time we come to terms with an appropriate sexual reality above love, lust and the duty to reproduce in the case of men.
Sex And MenTo understand the reality, it is also important to accept that the human brain bears profound differences in the case of both the genders. The alarm system for dangers and threats known as the ‘amygdala’ is larger in men. The part of feeling empathetic towards anything, called the mirror-neuron system is bigger and more active in women. But the most important thing that sets them apart is that men possess a sexual pursuit area that is at least 2 times bigger than the one in females.

So the stronger affiliation of man towards getting into a sexual trance is justified. Therefore, from pleasure to proliferation and from curiosity to compulsion, the reasons behind men indulging in sex are the same as they were once upon a time. The difference is that the world we are a part of is constantly evolving and these motives are a part of this change. Following are a list of various reasons why man indulges in sex? And what they expect out of it?

Generic Motives

On an overall basis, motivations for sex fall into four distinct categories – physical, emotional, goal-based motives or due to insecurity.


Being aroused and attracted by the opposite gender is the simplest reason behind the physical sensibility of the act. Deriving pleasure, to feel distressed and sexual curiosity also falls into the same zone.


A man indulges into sex because he loves a woman. He has the deepest regards in his heart for this one person who he wishes to mate. Thus, the connection he can create is through being one through sex. This falls into the emotional category of motives.

Goal – Based

Goal based motives are to do with creating an offspring, taking revenge or conquering in the number’s game. A wonderful fact is that after mating with his love to make her pregnant, a man’s testosterone levels decreases.

The pregnant woman emits pheromones that make way through to the brain stimulating it to generate a hormone called prolactin. Prolactin along with the pheromones reduces the testosterone production by 30 percent. So the act automatically becomes sporadic and he ignores an attractive young lady, because the big sexual portion in the brain is kind of slow in this season.

Also making it to the goal based category is the motive to crunch as many numbers with as many women one has slept with. Like women have a knack of collecting bags and shoes, similarly men may have a knack of adventurously chasing as many as they can nail down.


There are several men in the world who are lonely and the only way to make sure that they are not alone is to have sex. Peer pressure and uncalled for burden from one’s partner drives him to have sex as well. These reasons make it to the category of indulging into sexual activities due to insecurity.

The five fingers on our hand are all different, similarly not all men are the same. This article only throws light upon the medical assimilations of a man’s brain and behavior.