5 Best Methods To Keep Relationship Intact

Dating is the most important and interesting part in one’s life. Being a guy/girl you should not do such things that can affect your relationship before even it starts. You should know the tricks that can make your partner feel good. There are many ways through which break up can be avoided and few of them are given below.Avoid break UpThe methods that will protect your relationship from break-up are mentioned below:

1. Speed Up The Excitement:

I can understand the idea of meeting someone for the first time with whom you kept on chatting online for few months. I’ll advice you to do something that will speed up the conversation between both of you. Don’t just let it go too slow. If you have met her online, then don’t use the tricks that will again take you to the online chatting. If it’s been few months that you are chatting with her, then ask about her personal number and not for email and skype number. Don’t ask her to be friends on Facebook, it will be overwhelming.


If you have met the person online a month ago and are planning to set a date with her after a few days, then it is not a bad idea. I hope the communication between you two is going amazing and you are keeping it balanced. If you are thinking your future together, or planning trips, fantasizing the future life, your wedding place and related things that too before your FIRST date, then you should give a stop to your thoughts. It might be romantic and like a fairy tale for you, but don’t express it toward her, as if your partner is not thinking about such things it might break your heart. Also, the person will go away from you. Even if you have good intentions, wait for the other person to reveal such feelings toward you so that you can take the communication further.

3. Don’t Consider That They’ll Have The Same Expectation As You Have From Them:

You might be expecting some things from the other person, but you cannot impose your expectations on them. If your love is new, then there should not be any quirky activities and events, it can irritate them. If you are taking time out from your busy schedule for the first date, and if the other person is busy with work, then you cannot expect the same from them. Don’t expect from them to be flexible according to your schedule. Give them time and the things will fall in place.

4. Try Something Original:

Don’t try to copy the tricks from movies to impress them. Those tricks work in movies only and not in real life. Plan something original but decent that will express your feeling in a silent way. Even if you are planning a dinner at a beach with a champagne and good food, it will make her mood. Don’t be extra romantic and try not giving surprises as they might not be expecting this from you and not every surprise is good. Don’t overboard your feeling on them as it will create a pressure on them. Keep the atmosphere and conversation as light as possible.

5. Don’t Compare The Present Things With The Past:

Whether you are meeting her/him, don’t discuss your past with them repeatedly. It is fine to share some things with them but don’t compare your present partner with the person in the past. You might irritate them by making comparison. Don’t ask them how to behave and give time to you according to your convenience. If the feelings are mutual you don’t have to try much.