4 Secrets To Long-Lasting Sex

Most of the men at some point in their life would have definitely worried about their sexual stamina. Because, for men, sexual performance has a very special importance and hence most of them are ready to do whatever things possible in order to make their partner feel good and satisfied. In fact, during sexual intercourse, men always want their performance to last as long as possible by not rushing or ejaculating early.

long-lasting sex

Sadly, there are millions of men who are facing the issue of premature ejaculation and thereby concerned about their sexual performance. The good news is that one can boost their sexual stamina naturally without taking any medication. Try some of the methods mentioned below and bring out the real man in you.

More Masturbation

Don’t be surprised as it is one of the best healthy methods to take control over your sexuality particularly your sexual response. This method of self-stimulation can help you greatly to deal with the problem of premature ejaculation. With this technique, you can control the sexual response and stay active for a longer period. Begin this with the start-and-stop method. During masturbating, try to control your sexual response by stopping just at the moment you feel the finishing point is near. Wait for few seconds and let yourself calm down. Then start again and practice this for a couple of times. This will help you build self-control and know the technique to slow down and start again prolonging your act.

More Foreplay

Generally, mean reach their orgasm more quickly than women. Also, most of the women don’t reach their orgasm through intercourse alone. This is one the reasons why men want to last long in bed so that their partner too reaches the orgasm and feels completed. Here comes the role of other segments of sex which can be enjoyed by both. This includes oral sex, manual stimulation and foreplay. Hence, it is better if you focus on things which are enjoyable to both of you rather than stressing on to last long with the intercourse. Add more foreplay before and at the time when you feel you are reaching orgasm. Make you time in bed more pleasurable by mixing foreplay, more touch, oral sex and manual stimulation.

Sexual-Performance Tool

You can improve your sexual stamina in many ways. An FDA approved topical medication called Promescent can help you to delay ejaculation. This medication which has to be applied to the penis ten minutes before the act works as a desensitizer. It gets absorbed below the skin where the ejaculation controlling nerve ends. Therefore, it helps the man to control his ejaculation and enjoy all the sensations of sex at the same time. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the partner’s sensations.

Use Lubrication

It was found in a study that using lubrication along with condoms helps men to last longer in bed. One should take care that he uses only water-based or silicone-based lubrication when using condoms as oil-based lubricants can break the condom.