10 Surefire Ways On How To Make A Woman Come And Blow Her Mind!

Women never elicit the information of how to make them come. Sometimes it becomes embarrassing for them to accept the things. Thud, being a guy you need to know different trick in order to make her come and give her the deepest satisfaction. Every woman can have multiple orgasms; so use the tips given below to let her have the best time.

blow-her-mindTry to excite her: Women takes long time to get aroused, so focus on exciting her without even touching that increases the chance of climax. Make your woman feel sexy with a nice foreplay. Try to explore her and try out different foreplay techniques. Hold her gently from back and kiss her neck and other parts of her body and she’ll get fired up. When you’ll touch her on legs she’ll beg you to do it.

Oral sex is the best part: If you want to make your woman come, then give her a wild blow job. Women love oral sex as it is responsible to give them incredible satisfaction. Rub your tongue on her clitoris and insert two fingers inside her and do the process until she comes.

Try her patience: The more you will create the excitement inside her, the more you’ll be driving her crazy. The sexual pressure building up inside her will be unbearable once you allow her to reach the peak. This will definitely make her scream.

Get along with sex toys: In such cases put your male ego aside and get her the vibrators. You can stimulate her by using these toys and she can have the orgasmic pleasure.

Find out sensitive areas: Explore her hot zones and try hitting there. Touch her everywhere and observe her so that you will get to know what her weak areas are. Once you get to know the spots, try rubbing or licking on more than one spot. Doing this she’ll reach the climax soon.

Make her feet warm: You will be surprised to know that women having warm feet are tend to improve their coming ability by almost 30%, as per the researchers. Warm feet allow the more flow of blood to the vagina and other sensitive regions of the body. Don’t undress her completely; leave socks on her to have more fun.

Use Musky Cologne: Smell is the strongest of five senses of the body. The musky smell is the imitator of the testosterone and it will make her high. Baby powder causes the same effect and makes her more excited.  The areas in the brain get prepared for having sex due to the smell. Your smell can make her draw out her fantasies.

Right Side is the SENSITIVE one: When you’ll the touch the right side of her spine, she’ll get aroused. Ensure that you are kissing and licking in curves so that you can intensify her responses.

Lick on the sides: While having oral sex, directly licking to the clitoris can go wrong as the part is highly sensitive when aroused. Move the tongue around the upper right and left side. Even doing this you are setting her on fire.

Maintain the pace: If you know that she’s about to come, maintain the speed and don’t make any changes in the trick it will distract her. Continue doing whatever you are doing until she comes.