Thunder God Vine : A Ground-Breaking Treatment for Obesity

The extract the Thunder God Vine plant has been widely used as traditional Chinese medication for treating arthritis. It is helpful in reducing the intake of food. This extract has been tested on obese mice and results have been exceptionally positive.

BLOG---Thunder-God-Vine---New-Cure-for-Obesity-IssuesCelastrol, a weight loss compound, is capable of producing its potent effects by increasing the action of an appetite suppressing hormone referred as leptin. This compounded can be extracted from the Thunder God Vine plant. Though these findings are still in its early stages, but soon we would have Celastrol that could be used for treating obese patients.

In the past couple of decades, there has been immense amount of effort for treating obesity by breaking down the leptin resistance, but a majority of these studies have been a disaster. The study performed on the mice using the extract of Thunder God Vine has given us a hope that leptin can still be used for dealing with obesity. If it can be proved that Celastrol can come in handy for humans as it did for mice, then it would turn out to be a great weapon for treating obesity & improving health of many patients suffering from this diseases & associated with various complications like heart disease, type-2 diabetes, fatty liver.

Leptin is a hormone that is responsible for signaling the brain when the body has adequate amount of energy & fuel. Both the humans & mice that lack leptin signaling tend to eat without any limit & soon they become morbidly obese. This indicated that Leptin signaling might be helpful in treating obesity. Here, you need to note that leptin is not helpful in reducing hunger or food intake in obese individuals. Some health experts believe that insensitivity to Leptin can be one of the reasons for obese in most individuals.

It is interesting to note that the effect experienced from this extract is considerably greater that the results of an average bariatric surgery, which is generally helpful in reducing weight up to 35-40%. (Bariatric surgery is a form of surgery that is helpful in making the stomach smaller, and reducing the severity of obesity.)

Although there are shortcomings in the mice study, but the compound used is definitely promising and can be helpful in future for treating obesity without usage of drugs. Moreover, the researchers of this study opined that this compound is capable of decreasing the cholesterol levels in the body of mice. It is also helpful in improving the liver functioning & metabolism of glucose.

The basic problem involved in losing weight through dieting is that most people find extreme difficulty in sticking to the diet for a long span of time. This is one of the reasons they are hardly able to lose weight even after a long duration. Researchers believe that if a pill is created for weight loss, then more and more individuals would be able to get rid of obese and live a happy & healthy life. Though it might take a few years before this medication is tested on humans but things are definitely appearing positive in the days to come.


Thunder God Vine might be the next big things in the weight loss industry. Given the effects of Celastrol on mice suffering from Obese, the day is not far when humans would be using this plant for naturally getting rid of obese.