Say Goodbye to Caffeine Addiction

There are many of us who crave for a cup of coffee, first thing in the morning to kick start their day. Caffeine found in most soft drinks and coffee acts as a mood altering substance. According to healthcare professionals, caffeine stimulates the hormone and makes one feel happy. If you are someone who is addicted to caffeine, it is best to get rid of this substance as soon as possible.

blog-Say-Goodbye-to-Caffeine-AddictionThough it changes your mood, excess consumption can cause stomach upset, anxiety, nervousness and in some case people may even suffer from insomnia and lethargic.

Say Goodbye to caffeine and lead a healthy life with these tips –

 • Gradually reduce your caffeine intake

People who drink excess amount of caffeine should cut it down slowly to overcome this addiction. It will help you to get rid of caffeine and withdrawal symptoms of addiction. According to medical researchers, caffeine addiction is common in both men and women, irrespective of age. Abrupt change can cause miserable feeling of not quitting your habit, so gradually reduce the consumption to seek a productive result.

 • Find an alternative substance

To stop your craving for coffee in morning, try to drink fresh orange juice, which will boost your energy naturally. Try alternate beverages such as herbal tea, green tea and roasted barley tea. If you drink three cup of coffee in a day, try to replace one cup with the herbal tea and gradually continue this process until you stop caffeine beverage. Switching to these alternate substances can help you to cut off caffeine addiction and give you psychological ease of coffee.

 • Hot pepper drink can help to overcome caffeine addiction

Hot beverages like pepper drink helps to release endorphins (hormone secreted in the brain to reduce pain). Endorphins provide energy and combat headache, so that you do not think about coffee.

 • Green Juices

Some green juices like wheat grass, help to clean the blood and reduce the caffeine craving. A combination of carrot and green juice cleanses the system and boosts extra energy.

 • Drink more water

Consuming plenty of water, hot or cold, is a traditional way to detoxify your body. Water cuts off the toxin in the caffeine from the body. If you are not able to drink more water flavor it up with citrus fruits or some lemon or honey. According to researchers, staying hydrated had made people withdraw their addiction.

 • Fight your caffeine addiction with exercise

Physical exercise stimulates more energy than a cup of coffee. So physical activity is the best way to fight fatigue and irritation while getting away from coffee. Exercise is the natural process that keeps the endorphins working, to cure headaches.

 • Maintain a well-balanced diet

Healthy food is the key ingredient for healthy body, it is also a great way to burst fatigue. Load your body with foods that are rich in carbohydrates like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Eating healthy food is the simplest way to say goodbye to caffeine.

 • Get adequate sleep

Switching for coffee creates a feeling that you are tired. The best weapon to fight caffeine addiction is proper sleep, especially during night. Sleep helps you to balance your energy level, so that you don’t crave for coffee. Avoid small nap and exercise regularly to gain more energy.

 • Relax your body

Relaxing techniques like yoga, massage and meditation can serve many functions. They will help the concentration issue associated with caffeine reduction and can work as an alternate activity. According to experts in medical field, apart from relaxation exercises try something that calms and boost your energy to overcome caffeine addiction.