CDC Reports 400% Rise In Prescription Painkiller Overdose Deaths In Women

Authorities in the Center for Disease Control / Prevention are asking whether or not physicians are recommending pain-killers all too often and in some cases needlessly after realizing a sharp rise in the volume of prescribed pain-killer overdose deaths, particularly among ladies. A sharp rise in the volume of prescribed painkiller overdose deaths amongst women from 1999 continues to be noticed as well as reported by the agency. The amount has risen five-fold amongst women. Based on the CDC report, this particular percentage has grown by 400 % amongst women when compared with 265 % in males.
pain killersRoughly 48000 women perished through prescribed painkiller overdose in between 1999 – 2010. Deaths from prescription painkillers catapulted in females (6,600 in 2010), nearly 4 times as those passed away from narcotics (cocaine and heroin combined) stated the agency’s Director in a statement.  Stopping this particular epidemic in females and even in males is a priority. Physicians ought to be wary of prescribing such drugs and the patients wary of using them.

The Center for Disease Control / Prevention furthermore exposed certain additional statistics; from 2007, much more women have passed away from painkiller overdose than from automobile accidents. This year, deaths triggered due to deadly overdoses among ladies were 4 times more than fatalities caused by homicides. Moreover, roughly 42 women die of the overdose every day, and more than 940000 females receive emergency care from drug overdose.

The rationale for this could be simply that women encounter more persistent pain compared to men. They’re prescribed lengthier prescriptions with regard to painkillers more often. Researchers claim that health care providers ought to be careful as well as take preventive measures to deal with this developing problem. They ought to discuss additional pain reducing treatments to their patients as well as make them aware of both the dangers and advantages of taking the recommended painkillers; however, patients need to be responsible and use the drugs in accordance with the prescriptions and directions instructed by their doctors.