Obesity And Erectile Dysfunction Are Connected

It is known that erectile dysfunction is caused due to improper flow of blood in the male’s reproductive reason. It was found in a study that this could also be the result of obesity. Almost about 30-40% of the men suffer from ED. To it, being obese or inactive can add up to the problem.

dv428003This happens because the obese people have the increase of atherosclerotic plaque; which affects the arterial lining and bump up the blood pressure. Not only that, obesity also affects the hormones by causing low testosterone. Along with it, there are other problems related to obesity as in diabetes which is the cause of erectile dysfunction.

The research concluded with the solution to ED. It shows that the active lifestyle and controlled weight can improve the sexual life by improving ED. The research also showed that though the medication helps to improve the ED by providing the necessary erection, dietary also plays an important role in it. It proves that the body’s weight and problems like ED are interconnected. This calls for the active lifestyle and controlled weight.