6 Helpful Health Apps To Download

You need not join a gym and spend half your salary on a personal trainer to have the perfect body. There are a zillion portals to choose from. Estimate the impact of your fitness regime without going through the torture of calorie counting equations.

health-appCreate an exercise plan and invite a variety of options on your dinner tables with healthy and fresh recipes. Since the technology is constantly upgrading, to provide the most recent ones on the block is quite a challenge. However, here is a list of some of the best fitness and health apps available on Google Play Store or iOS.


One of the strongest contenders in the list of applications to transform your smartphone into a trainer is the RunKeeper. This one has a little bit of everything. It is a part tracker, part motivator and part health graph. This app works to track your walk, jog, runs, bike rides, hikes and exercises through the GPS in your phone. It stores the stats of each activity and compares those to build your short-term and long-term goal. Voice coaching and customized training plans are inspiring features.


A great-looking Iphone app, this one operates towards achieving an ambitious goal. It is not only directed towards becoming a healthy and fit human being, it also focuses on improving human potential.

It helps you to strategize your personal goals by breaking them into micro habits. So that it is easier to start and gain momentum on the way. You as a user can create and join habits. Once you have accomplished the goal for the day, you click the big button and your activity which is public will be encouraged by peers all over the world. These everyday activities are them pushed as accumulated data into charts and graphs that depict your consistency in forming new and positive habits.

GAIN Fitness

There are a couple of honorable apps like GAINFitness that offers personal trainers, help you create a personalized, interactive and effective routine. The fitness goals that it sets for you are easy to reach and customized, according to your fitness level, available time and goal.

Zombies Run

If you want to make your running schedule a bit more fun, Zombies Run is your pick. This awesome running game gets you involved in an action packed story mixed with chasing Zombies along with the music of your taste.

Pocket Yoga

The best app in order to develop yoga skills is Pocket Yoga. Set the techniques and levels of difficulty at your own pace and in the comfort and Zen of your home. The app involves visual guides and voice instructions along with illustrated images that help you nail the right pose and posture. Every posture’s benefit isdescribed in detail.

Weight Watchers

This one is an old player in the world of applications but is an important keep. It helps you track the intake of your food, measure your calories and associate meals and specific foods to a point system, assisting you to get the right balanced diet. At the grocery store, with this app, you can easily scan the barcode to see the point value, to help you choose the appropriate items.

There are many more applications for food and fitness. Some of them are free of cost and some others are prices at minimalistic rates. They vary from specific apps for the brain, eye, nose etc. to a plethora of varied apps for good food to different forms of cardio exercises. There is an app for every need out there.