Know About The Causes And Symptoms Of Brain Tumor

Brain tumors, the words itself is very scary. This could trouble you in various things. Those who are diagnosed with tumors face numerous mental problems like fatigue, irritation, dysfunction and many more.

brain tumorBrain tumor can happen to anyone; right from a kid to an older person. The tumor is basically a neoplasm, which is the abnormal growth of the cells, within the brain or spinal canal.  There are different types of tumor. Some can begin in your brain whereas others can be because of cancer which reached the brain.


There is no exact reason on why a person gets brain tumor, although, there are few known cause for it. Tumor arises by the accumulation of the abnormal cell in the body. Normally, the cells which are not needed leave the body. But, in some cases, these cells grow even though the body doesn’t need them.

In this process, the cells continue to grow more and thus start to cause trouble. The primary tumor arises due to the cell which makes the brain and the central nervous system. They are many types and are being named after the kind of cell they first form. Second most common adult is formed by the meninges, which covers the brain and spinal cord.

Apart from above, there are certain other reasons behind the tumor. They are:

1)  Radiation: Radiation therapy is normally used to treat the cancer, but it raises the risk of cancer up to 30 years afterwards.

2)  Inherit factors: There are some conditions as in Von Hippel-Lindau syndrome, which inherit the risk of brain tumors.

3)  Cell phones: This is a hot debate among the experts. Some strongly believe that the more usage of cell phone cancause tumors whereas others don’t support this fact.

4)  Exposure to radiation: There are certain job profiles which demand the exposure to the radiation. Those jobs come with a risk of brain tumors.

5)  Weakened immune: There are certain conditions which may arise with the weaker immune system. They can also give rise to the brain tumors.


As these abnormal cells start to grow in your brain, you would certainly have certain symptoms. These symptoms can be:

1)    Problem in memory

2)    Visual and hearing problem

3)    Slower thought process

4)    Headache

5)    Changes in taste and smell

6)    Difficulty in writing and reading

7)    Difficulty in swallowing

8)    Weakness in one part of the body

9)    Clumsiness

10)  Change in alertness

11)  Loss of balance

12)  Loss of coordination

13)  Change in the feeling of touch , ability to feel pain, pressure, and all

14)  Dizziness

It is important that you get treated with this problem else this could lead to various health problems. Also, this is the question of the brain which helps you to do your activity properly. Without it, you won’t be able to perform your daily activities. So, if you find any of the symptoms, get yourself tested. Don’t let it spread and eat away your life.