Health Checklist Before Taking Sildenafil Citrate

Sildenafil citrate! Wow, the name seems heavy and surely its effects are heavy too! Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction or impotency are the individuals who consider the use of this drug so that they can pull off a sex life without any embarrassment as well as can alleviate their disorder by just popping in a pill or relaxing over an oral jelly! Oil solutions or erection creams today are prevalent too.Be it any form, it is the active ingredient called Sildenafil Citrate which should be credited for the strong and long erections that impotent men can manage and which lasts for a long time too, thereby solving the skyrocketing problem of males these days!
Health Checklist Before Taking Sildenafil CitrateHowever, we need to make sure of what we are taking into our body! An action always has an equal and opposite reaction, should be remembered! Thus, precaution is better than cure, remember this one too! Well, if you have been drinking for quite some time now and have managed to damage your liver with the alcohol that gave you a high, then you need to be considerate! A liver that is damaged could be more destructed with the intake of sildenafil citrate making conditions worse for the future. Our kidney shaped organs, which help filter al the matter that enters the body and is consumed, can also be at the cost of damage if already it is facing problems! Thus, to get oneself checked in the abdomen is important before we make the move of solving the erectile dysfunction with the help of this drug. Leukemia is another problem that needs to be looked after, before taking the sildenafil citrate into the system.

This citrate could be very reactive with nitrate, and thus people who have been suffering from cardiac problems and are on medication that is packed with nitrates could be under life threat if they take nitrate and sildenafil citrate together!

What is more significant is that you also need to consider your age as well as the dosage that your problem requires for its treatment! Yes, if your 65 and above, watch it!! It is not meant for you dear grandpas! And the right amount of dosage can do you larger good than taking a large amount the drug which can do you larger wrong!

Most of the times, men use this drug, just out of curiosity to check for any increased pleasure that they may experience out of using it, however, this can be really dangerous if used for any other purpose except for curing impotency and erectile dysfunction. Desperate motives can just land you in more trouble and make your sexual life which was once a healthy one, a very dramatically affected one! You need to be sure of the symptoms that you are already suffering from, so that you do not take the drug while on existing symptoms or while on existing medication as it can reverse the effect of the combination, can drop the blood pressure low and also prove to be fatal!