Tips To Add On A Few Extra Kilos

Do you roll your eyes at the incessant guides and tips to lose weight every time you open any fitness blog or healthy weight section of any magazine?

add-extra-kiloAnd is this because you happen to be one among those rare women who actually is in need to add some extra pounds and not lose it? No more worry; to deal with your worries, we have come up with some smart ways that can help you out in piling up those much- needed pounds.

Well, to learn the art of gaining those extra pounds, you don’t simply have to eat, eat and eat, but pick the right foods that are essential for your body and of course enough of them! Below give are some best tips to gain weight.

Increase Your Calorie Consumption:

The simplest way to gain extra weight is to eat more than your regular calorie intake.  Protein rich foods like pulses, beans, and etcetera can be your options.  Then, add dairy products like eggs, milk, meat and fish to your platter. You can even opt for starch foodstuffs like potato as it helps in early weight gain. But ensure to add in only those many calories needed for your body and not too much that it transforms into fats. Another essential fact that you need to consider is to stick to a particular routine for consuming your meals and you would surely find the amazing difference yourself.

Snack More Often:

One should never kin his/her meals, especially the person who is willing to gain weight.  Try eating every two to three hours.  This ensures that your body gets the required supplements without break and at the same time, a consistent level of food intake is maintained. For this, break your eating timetable into 3 main meals and 3 in- between small meals. The smaller meals however can consist of energy bars, dry fruits, sweets etc.

Stay Hydrated:

Drink a lot of fluids whether it is water or the one that supplies nutrients and calories like fresh fruit juices, energy drinks, milk etc.


You need to work- out really hard to gain those muscle mass. Go for the free weight exercises that do not require much more machineries and that focuses on the large muscle groups. In case if you have high metabolic rate that means you are using a lot of energy even while resting.  Considering this, you may need short intense activities rather than having long periods of low stress workouts.

Be Consistent:

It might take a little long, generally a few months, for the weight to show.   However, some women get frustrated and before time quit this weight gain program when they fail to see the drastic outcome. But, it is extremely important to known that no weight gain regime will work for your body if you do not stick to it regularly.

Remember, heredity or genetic is also responsible for the way you weigh. Smart diet and effective weight training program can help you in mounting up your hereditarily preset weight, but only to some extent. Talk to a doctor or fitness trainer in case if you still couldn’t experience any change in your body mass.