Shed Weight by Making Love

Though sexual acts are treated only as an aphrodisiac, it has a lot of health benefits. Many researchers have been conducted throughout the world and it has been proved that it makes you feel good, boost your confidence and makes you look very beautiful.

Make love and lose weightWhile having sex a hormone is generated called oxytocin that relieves your stress and makes you glow. If anyone has any sleeping disorder, then sex can end that problem. People having sex at least twice a day are much healthier than the ones going sexless for a month.

Calorie burn

Many people are adverse to exercise when it comes to weight loss. As a result they grow fat. But don’t worry couples; there is a much more pleasurable way to burn calories. Have sex. It increases your heartbeat and burns up to 200 calories during a 30-minute session. You can get all slim if you have sex regularly.

But many experts argue with this fact that weight loss do not occur automatically with sex. They say that people get all perspired due to the release of hormones not because of the body exhaustion. So according to them, people cannot lose that much weight with sex like we do after exercise.

It is really very essential for everyone to lose the extra pounds as that really affect your sexual life. Heavy body mass can lead to improper blood circulation, it will reduce stamina. Other than that due to your excess weight you will not be able to try various positions that can spice up your sexual life.

Relieves stress

Sex has many advantages as they can relieve stress and helps you get out from obesity. Stress means you are worried about something. Now this is very common among men to eat more when they are stressed. Commonly they start binge eating. It is not at all healthy for your stomach and your body metabolism.

As a result your body weight increases. Sex releases oxytocin which is a calming hormone and de-stress you to the core. It also helps you to sleep peacefully. Thus it helps in circulation as well as increases the metabolic rate. Seduce your partner to have more sex everyday and enjoy a healthy life.

Though it is true that sex reduces weight a lot but there is a fact that men tend to lose weight from sex much faster than any woman. Men have a general tendency to lose weight very easily whereas it is very hard for any woman to lose weight especially around the abdomen. So whatever little physical activity occurs due to sex men lose weight while a woman’s loss of weight is negligible.

Other than losing weight it is also seen that sex makes you feel younger. According to a survey it has been seen that couples having sex at least 3 times a day look much younger than the rest. It also increases immunity as sex makes your heart pump more and more blood. As a result men having more sex have a healthy heart. The same is not applicable for the aged people as sex can cause them heart arrest.