Reasons Stopping You From Losing Weight

Being overweight is not a good sign of healthy lifestyle at all. Those extra pounds that you are carrying can cause you several health problems like diabetes, heart ailments, depression and many.

Reasons Stopping You From Losing Weight

Unfortunately, in America, more than 60 percent of the adult population are overweight. It is a fact that eating an appropriate diet and exercising sufficiently helps in losing weight and keeping yourself healthy. However, if you are unable to lose weight despite following proper diet and exercising regularly, then following may be the case.

Being Women

Women are believed to gain weight as they grow old. Since women don’t have more or equal muscle mass as those of men, they can’t do things that require more amount of energy and therefore are unable to burn fats. Nevertheless, even men show the tendency of gaining weight with growing age.


It is a condition where the thyroid gland fails to function properly. Thyroid gland helps in controlling the metabolism activities. Those who have their thyroid glands functioning under actively may show the symptoms of unexplained weight gain, persistent fatigue, and etc. Consult your doctor and get an examination done to check if your body is getting sufficient amount of thyroxin. If not, then it can be boosted with the help of medication.

Lack Of Sleep

Sleep is very important to keep your body healthy and active. Deficiency of sleep can lead you to the state of depression which leads you to snack more amounts of high calorie foods.

Changes In Eating Habits

Eating habits of people often changes with time. And if these changes are in the form of increased intake of high calorie foods, then it can certainly one of the reasons you are unable to shed weight. High calories diets in combination with less physical activity can worsen the situation. Foods like pastries and candies which are high in carbohydrates are infamous for increasing weight and hence should be avoided.


According to the evidences shown by few studies, genetic factor puts a person at higher risk of gaining weight. However, it is not certain that people with bad genetics are guaranteed to suffer from obesity throughout their life.


Certain medications affect the metabolism rate or lead to increase in appetite and thereby making it difficult for the body to shed weight.

Fluid Retention

Fluid retention can be seen in both men and women in many ways for e.g. swelling of the ankles. The retention of fluid can also be caused due to some diet and medications.

Cushing’s Disease

It is a disease which occurs due to hormonal imbalances resulting in weight gain more than normal in body parts such as abdomen, trunk, and face.