Not Losing Weight? Well, You Might Be Making Mistakes

Reasons-You-Losing-WeightMany people all across the globe are busy shedding pounds, but not all are successful. The reason is not the lack of effort and time they are putting in, but they are just missing on some small but very important points that could help them lose weight. Let us know about what little mistake we and other people do while trying to lose weight.

Rapid Eating

Even if we have chosen a healthy diet, we could not get success in losing weight. Why? The answer could be our rapid eating habit. Whenever, you sit to eat, please keep aside all your worries and thoughts. Adopt the European-style eating. Enjoy every bite of food that you take in while paying attention to fullness signal.

Skipping Breakfast

You have got late for the office and so you skip the breakfast thinking that you will snack on something in the office. But, by the time you reach the office, you do not feel hungry o get busy to meet deadlines. There is an important thing to remember that breakfast eaters are slimmer than breakfast skippers. Even research has proved it. And, if you think that you will save on calories by skipping breakfast, well you might be ending up putting weight.

Missing any of the three meals in a day, will eventually let you eat more. Get up 10 minutes earlier than your normal routine so that you have enough time for doing breakfast.

Drinking Less water

Our body is 75 percent water and so we should keep it hydrated. If you think that by drinking juices, coffee, smoothies, you are making up for water content well, you are wrong! Americans rely too much on beverages and one study showed that 21 percent of the calories they gain come from these beverages.

These beverages do not satisfy the hunger pangs and so you only consume empty calories. It is therefore better to switch from these empty calories drink plain water, club soda and vegetable juices. If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation.

Mindless Eating

As the name suggests, such eating takes place when you are watching your favorite show on the television or reading a book with your one hand in popcorn basket and with the other, you are controlling the remote.

Shun such eating habits. Make a habit of not to eat when you are relaxing. However, if you love eating during that time, take out a small portion out in a plate.

Oversized Portions

The trick to cut down your portion size is:

  • Use smaller bowls and plates
  • Keep an eye on your portion size through periodic check through measuring cups
  • Leave a few bites on your plate

Unhealthy Add-Ons

If you love topping your favorite salad with cream or other fat high toppings like cheese and bacon, you might struggle to lose weight. You are just making a very healthy food turn unhealthy by the wrong choice of topping. So, be careful and make wise decisions.

Some other things that one needs to consider while trying losing weight like:

  • Slower Is Better: Remember Rome was not built in a day. Similarly, you will not get slim in just one week or one month. Have patience and stick to the routine. The result will surely be in your favor.
  • You are different from others. Just as we said that, you and your friend are on a weight loss program and he or she is losing faster than you are. You might not lose weight initially but as you progress, you will see the difference. The key is to have patience.
  • Do not think that the amount of weight you lost last week will remain the same this week too. There will be weeks when you lose more than you expected and then there would be times when you will not lose weight for days. It is normal and happens to everyone. Do not think that your weight loss program in inefficient or you leave it mid-way.

These points might look small and simple but definitely hold the key to your safe and quick weight loss.