Know The Various Difference Between Weight Loss And Fat Loss

Are you one of those who consider that weight loss and fat loss mean the same?If you are, then you are highly mistaken. People often use the words fat loss and weight loss interchangeably, but these two words have entirely different meaning. On one hand, weight loss means losing your body-weight that is the sum weight of your muscles, body fat, bones, organs etc. On the other hand, fat loss means lowering your body fat that is the amount of fat which your body carries. Healthy goals for men and women are 10% and 15% respectively.Weight Loss vs Fat LossWeight loss basically means loss in the component of the body on the whole including bones, fat, muscles etc.  On the other side, fat loss just means loss of fat component of the body. Weight loss is broader concept while fat loss is a narrower concept.  During weight loss, one makes use of the weighing scale to measure the whole improvement and progress of the weight loss. While during the fat loss, one uses the caliper to measure and assess the fat in a particular part of the body.  One example is the fat on the stomach area. To use the caliper one needs to pinch the skin on that particular area which you want to measure and measure its thickness.

Weight loss should be taken on the weekly basis as quick and rapid weight loss often leads to undesirable, unsatisfying results. Fat loss is a long term process. Fat takes a long time to burn. The process requires the person to have a strict diet and perform intense cardiovascular workouts to show positive results. Weight loss depends upon numerous factors as our body carries muscle, water, blood and a lot other things. So checking weight quite frequently is useless. Weight should be checked on a weekly basis.  Weight loss is not at all specific,while fat loss is more specific as percentage of fat can be measured using caliper. Fat loss should be measured in every two weeks.

Weight loss is meant for obese people and fat loss is meant for people who have a high and healthy Body Mass Index. No one wants to have larger abs but in order to avoid them, the percentage of fats should be low to be more specific 10% for men and 15% for women. There is no easy way to lose weight or fat.  There is a lot of sacrifice and hard work involved. In the process to lose fat, one needs to do light weights, cardiovascular workouts and lots and lots of exercise. Weight lifting is very important as it leads to fat loss at a fast pace and results in a beautiful, well-toned and defined body structure. Fat loss makes one feel fresh and energetic. On other hand, in order to lose weight one can try dieting, yoga, light exercises etc. Weight loss leads to the person feeling much lighter and happier from inside.