Be Smart! Use Weight Loss Apps for Shunning those Extra Pounds

Now that most of us have become acclimatized to the use of smart phones in our daily lives, it is time to use these for health benefits. Do you know that you can use your very own smart phone to aid in your weight loss endeavors? Yes, it is true and I would elucidate how to achieve this.

Today, there are tons of weight loss apps available. Here, I will be discussing about eight amazing weight loss apps that you can try out.


1.      Lose It!Lose it weight loss App

This particular app helps you to look up for foods to track the calories as well as track your workout. You simply ought to input the current body weight and goal weight. Lose it! will provide you with approx. estimate of the amount of calories that you must eat daily and the time it will take you to reach the goal weight. There is an online community for this app-where you can interact with like-minded folks. You may even scan bar-codes of food items that you pick from the supermarket and automatically pull out the nutritional and calorie details from the vast online database, which actually assists when one is getting prepacked food without compromising on the health part.


2.      Fooducate

Fooducate weight loss App

This app assists you to locate tricky and non-healthy food items and thus, saving your time.You just need to scan bar-codes of foods and Fooducate will provide you with the ratings for the scanned food depending on the counts of calorie per serving, amount of sugar and processing techniques. So if you wish to save your time and be healthy, then go for grocery shopping with this app in your smartphone.


3.      Locavore

Locavore weight loss App

For receiving optimum nutrients from the food, it is advisable to go for fresh foods than processed or packaged foods. However, timing is imperative as well. For instance, a study proved that spinach when harvested in-season had three times more vitamin C compared to when harvested out-of-season. In short, the far it is from vine, lesser will be the nutrients. Locator helps you find out as what is in season and days left to enjoy the flavor. The app can even utilize the GPS in your smartphone to locate nearby stores or places to purchase in-season and locally grown agricultural produce. This is of great help to folks, who tend to dislike vegetables only because they never had fresh vegetables in their entire life.