6 Weight Loss Methods That Can Go Wrong

Today, one of the major contributors to health problems is fatness. It not only affects you physically, but also psychologically.

Weight Failure methodsIf you love eating, choose food items which take time and effort to eat and cook. Something that will take effort to chew or something like an orange which will require peeling the skin before eating it will be great. Or something like boiled egg which, you will have to prepare before eating it too will work.

•  Plan It Right

When on a diet you need to plan your meals and snacks according to the energy you require to go through daily activities. Having too much or two less can affect you adversely. Protein rich foods are high in energy and one should always look to have those, but care should be taken for hidden ingredients by those who want to speed up this process by free weight loss theories and branded products. Diets which include having to eat certain things at certain point of time can become very tedious, most of the time you either forget to have it on time or if you are on time, you don’t get the necessary food easily.

•   Exercise

Another good way to shed those few extra pounds is activity or exercise. Jogging, cycling weight training along with a healthy diet can shed those pounds for you. Sadly many of them go into weight training with a plan of cutting down on food. This can adversely affect you making you lethargic the whole day as there is no carbohydrates in your body to take that amount of hammering by the weights.

   Skip Meals

While many might say that skipping meals within the day will help you shed those kilos, it is actually harmful for your body. Most of all skipping breakfast is not the way to go. Breakfast gives you the energy to start your daily chores and it is the most important meal of the day.

You require energy to be able to do your daily house work or office work. Skipping a meal won’t give you the energy to work through the day as there won’t be enough energy in your body to cope up with the physical stress, thus making you lethargic throughout the day.

Another reason to not skip a meal is that skipping a meal makes your body to reduce the metabolism, thus eventually making you hungrier. You will end up eating more than you plan to cut down. A better way to eat is to eat more often during the day. Have a reduced amount of food consistently with an eye on the calories or fatty foods, so your metabolism rates don’t go down and you are still full of energy by the end of the day.

•  Cut The Calories More Than You Have To

Cutting calories is another sought after option but if you overdo it, then your body might starve. Your body will hang on to whatever fat you have if you starve yourself which is not good when it comes to reducing the fat in your body. The average calories per day to be had are around 1200 calories for women and 1400 for men, unless you have been prescribed with weight loss medications.

•   Walking

“The more you walk, the thinner you will get” is another weight loss technique adopted by people today. But little do they know that in fact walking is a very low intensity workout, so people who have a lot to lose might not get the expected results in the expected time even though it might seem that you may be shedding a few pounds.

What exercise to lose fat truly means is that you need to put your body through strenuous activities like swimming, hitting the gym etc.  Anything that makes you sweat is a proper exercise.

The way you can tell that you are on the right track is by exercising 3 or more times a week for 30 or more minutes per day. And yes, breaking into a sweat while you are going towards your gym doesn’t make a difference.

•  Avoiding Your Favourite Food

What doesn’t help in any way is not having the food that you like. It might make you feel better about yourself for having that will power and what not but it doesn’t help shed those kilos on you. Eat what you love but do it in a conserved manner.