5 Secrets to Maintain the Weight You Lost

weight maintainanceThere are people who are able to achieve the dream body that they always wanted, get back in shape and feel alive again but post shedding off the excess fat, they are back to being fat again. However, you can maintain the weight that you lost. Read through this article and understand five secrets to maintain the weight you lost.

Secret # 1 Stick to your routine

If you are very serious about maintaining your weight, you should get serious about your exercises. Move on with your activities both inside and outside the gym. Your exercises should include both strength training and cardiovascular training. When you are out of the gym, try to move as much as possible by going for jogs, walks, taking stairs and taking part in recreational activities.

Secret # 2 Eat healthy food

You can’t get back to your routine eating habit at the drive thru or fast food restaurants if you want to maintain your weight loss. Concentrate on three important things for healthy eating, keep your calorie consumption low. Stop eating mindlessly. Be careful about everything that you eat.

Watch your food intake. Consume food in small portions, avoid foods that are high in calorie, make sure to check nutrition labels. You can eat chocolates but occasionally and in moderate amount.

Consume a well balanced diet. Add variety of vegetables, fruits, whole grains and lean meats to your diet.

Secret # 3: Don’t turn on your TV

Most people watch TV for at least thirty five hours every week. People who maintain their weight successfully watch TV for 7 hours or less than that. You tend to keep snacking while watching TV and this will put you into a motionless position on the couch or sofa. You can enjoy long lasting weight loss results when you spend less time in front of the TV.

Secret #4: Keep it Simple
While it is important to keep a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet, your diet should be fairly simple. Create a repertoire of basic whole foods: fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, beans and nuts. When you cut down on your options it becomes easier to stick to your plan, making weight loss guaranteed.

Secret # 5: Monitor yourself

The main and biggest fear is regaining the weight that you have lost. Weigh yourself at least one time in a week and make sure you haven’t gained anything. If the numbers start to increase then lower the calories and increase your workout. No one is perfect in anything, there will be days when you consume more calories and sometimes you may miss a workout as well. Don’t let all these things get on you and make you hopeless. Try to get back to healthy lifestyle as soon as possible instead of letting yourself into your old practices.

Make sure you work hard on these points so that you keep in shape and are able to maintain the weight you have lost for years.