What Is The Need For HIV And STD TESTS?

If one is indulging in sexual acts with more than one partner, they should be careful enough to use proper contraceptives to stay protected.

hiv-testsThis is essential as STD catches the body without prior symptoms and hence becomes very difficult to detect earlier in most of the cases. Therefore, it is very essential for those having multiple sex partners to conduct frequent HIV and STD tests.

However, it is important to know what type of HIV and STD tests are required for a particular person. The nature and degree of severity of the same varies from person to person. Thus, it is important that the affected person must not delay in consulting a doctor to ascertain the state through a no. of tests. Here are a few tests in order to ascertain the existence of STD and HIV germs inside thebody.

•  Chlamydia And Gonorrhoea – This is essential for women above 20 years of age having multiple sex partners and men having sex with men. These are performed through urine test or inserting a swab in the penis of men or cervix in women. The urine samples thus collected are tested in the laboratory to ascertain the nature of germs. This also helps to ascertain the degree of severity. These tests are the only ways of determining whether a person is infested or not as there are no prior symptoms noticeable.

•  HIV, Syphilis And Hepatitis – These viruses can affect anyone between the age group of 15-60 i.e. right from the inception of puberty stage until one grows to a fully matured adult or even older. One is at high risk of being infested if having multiple sex partners, not using contraceptives and found to be tested positive in the previous test. The method of testing is similar to that of Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea.

•  Genital Herpes – Doctor will scrap out a layer tissue from the portion of infection like ulcer or blisters and get the same tested. The same is also possible through blood test. Test for genital Herpes is conducted to differentiate between type’sone virus that causes cold sore and type 2 viruses that causes genital sores. This can give an idea of the nature of infection.

•  HPV – HPV stands for Human Papilloma Virus that causes cervical cancer in women. It has got 2 parts a) PAP test, wherein women of age group from 20-30 years are needed to undergo the tests after every 2 years interval to ascertain the growth of abnormal cells b) HPV test – herein, samples are collected from cervical canal. The same is analysed to ascertain the nature of virus.

Thus, test for HIV and STD is a must for those having multiple sex partners at a relatively young age. This is because the chances of getting infested is at its maximum at this point of time. No symptoms are detected which increases the degree of risk factor and the urgency to undergo tests which is the only way of detecting the same at an earlier phase.