Natural Ways To Improve Sexual Life After The Age Of 40

It is believed that old age, retirement, etc, is the time when men can resort to their cozy dwellings and have all the pleasures of life, including sexual satisfaction. But what comes with old age is also degradation of sexual health.

sex-after-40Having sexual desires during your 40s and 50s can surface the underlying medical sexual complications; well, the sooner you learn about it the better it is. This will enable you to address the condition, take control and restore your abilities. Men usually suffer from conditions such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, etc, and with simple natural techniques and remedies one can relive sexual potentials.

How to go with it?


Conventionally the first thing in the list should be diet, but when you have crossed the threshold of 40 years, exercising becomes more important. Aging causes the level of testosterone to decrease through the course. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, and unhealthy level of this necessary hormone can cause sexual issues. According to studies and numerous science journals, it is determined that the level of testosterone increases due to exercises, considerably due to weight training. Also when men reach their 40s they usually have decrease biological state and one of the factors that get affected significantly is blood circulation, especially if the man had an unhealthy lifestyle during early ages. Lack of blood supply to the penile area is the kernel of Erectile Dysfunction incipience. It is a widely accepted factor that exercising enhanced blood circulation; which means you are implicitly working towards sexual health enhancement, not to mention other health benefits of exercising.


This is obvious as you cannot risk eating stuffs that will deposit in your arteries and drag you towards sexual health aggravation – these may include high fat foods and cholesterol. It is not suggested that one should avoid your favourite fruits, the key lies in moderation. You can have your desired dish provided intake is in moderation and you are regularly performing exercises. Consult a dietician and decide what is best for you. You may probably be provided with a strategized diet plan.

Avoid Unhealthy Habits:

It is evident that unhealthy habits are among the contributing factors behind degrading sexual health. Smoking, alcohol abuse, street drugs, etc, can affect your body’s functioning and biological processes, thus these should be avoided in order to maintain good sexual health.

Natural Remedies:

Men are usually suggested natural treatments in order to have lasting results. There is a range of natural ingredients which are tested to be pro-sex remedies for men. Ginseng, ginkgo biloba, musli root, etc., are some of the widely used remedies for enhancement of sexual abilities in men.

Maintain Psychological Health:

Our brain is the chore of everything we do. Performing sexual activity involves extremely significant involvement of brain. If you are not aroused you cannot have an erection which makes penetration and thrusting almost impossible. If you are not interested in your partner, then any level of sexual stimulation will be of no use. Unless and until your brain accepts that you are entering a state of eroticism, you cannot actually perform intercourse. Psychological disturbances such as depression, anxiety, tension, stress, etc., all can contribute to deplete your ability of performing coital activity effectively.

Speak With Your Partner:

It is inevitable that if you are not interested in your partner, then even the cupid cannot help. However, what comes handy is conversing. At this age when you have less to do, indulge in conversation with your partner; try reintroducing those naughty talk and place your desires to her. This may perhaps serve as an ice breaker. Talking is also effective when it is done during intercourse. You can enhance the love part by speaking sweet words or you can either enhance the eroticism of the act by naughty talks.

In general, to have a healthy sexual life you have to maintain good general health. A great author once said “All power is from within and is therefore under our own control.” So keep yourself healthy, go for regular screening and introduce healthy habits in life to enjoy great sexual health even after 40s.