What Is Genital Herpes?

While there may be cases of symptoms prevailing in the form of genital sores more looking like cold sores; there may also be the possibility of a better one whereby the look of the sores of its kind may depict an asymptomatic one!

genital herpesPapules and vesicles are very commonly observed as signs in this one as they may look very reddish and thus require a treatment after diagnosis! HSV may be prevalent in your partner while you dint pay heed to it when you were blindly going crazy rolling in the bed. And thus it is extremely important to know that these sored up genitals could transmit the same symptoms and signs on to you via even an anal intercourse which in due course proves to be very difficult to manage living with and may require the involvement of a doctor as early as possible! In about 4 days to a week’s time, such visual sores may be observed on your reproductive organ after exposure to the HSV infection. It could be HSV1 (above the belly) or HSV2 (below the belly).

For men, the target of such eruptions would be inner thighs, buttocks as well as anus and most commonly the penis shaft, the external area on the penis as well as the genitals; and for women it is mostly observed near pubis, vulva and the clitoris whereby such infections may rampantly spread out on a very obvious and logical note from “him to her” or vice versa!

In however, a couple of weeks there is a possibility that the sores form into ulcers which then become the crust and finally heal. But however there can be extreme cases whereby they could just be incrusted and unhealed! However there are little possibilities too that there may be presence of urinary retention, sensory loss as well as abnormal sensations!

There are various other signs and symptoms that can exactly point out to the problem! They are – fever, headache as well as muscle pain and swollen lymph nodes! Discharge from the vagina or the penis is also commonly observed!

45 million people and counting are the great and enormous number of people who have been dealing with this widely rampant disease all the while in USA. However, as important that it is to stop and cease the spread of this humongous quick spreading disorder, it is also required that one knows how to take the necessary precautions to avoid the eruption of such an infection in them. It is however extremely difficult to catch hold and get rid of this disease however science and research are at their level best efforts to help slow down the pace of this disease that is increasing its harmful toll on one million more people by every passing year! Acyclovir is an anti-viral drug to keep away the virus from hitting anyone and everyone and is available in tablets and capsules as well as suspensions and injections. An ointment of the same effective drug is used to help reduce the healing time! However, men and women need to be careful with the partner who they choose to get passionate with, as this sexually transmitted disease could just hamper up your reproductive system at the cost of having some fun!